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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Welcome to the Gun Show!


   With the completion of two more guns, I now have a usable battery of 25-pdrs for my 8th Army forces. Considering how good British guns are, it is inexcusable that I have tarried so long in putting together my forces. The Royal Regiment of Artillery has arrived.

A truck. Not very glamorous.

The guns. Much more exciting.

The camouflage overhead netting is an experiment.

Closeup of the 25-pdr.

And from the rear, showing the ammunition trailer.

The rear of the camouflaged gun.
Note the yellow-painted shells. That indicated HE shells.

Side view of the netted gun.

   Let me know what you think about the netted gun. I can go back and add it to the other guns if it proves popular. Maybe that's a poll for next week/month.

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