Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Arkham Horror...

   My sons and I took advantage of the unexpected day off from school today and played another game of Arkham Horror. Our second attempt to stop That Which Man Was Not Meant To Know was successful! And the game went much more smoothly this time, with one game under our belt.

   This time around, we went up against the Grand Old Thing Itself, Great Cthulhu! He got close to waking up, too. One bad thing about facing this particular Elder God is that everyone playing has both their primary stats (Stamina and Sanity) reduced by one. I played the Researcher, Greyson was the Private Investigator, and Dane reprised his role as the good Doctor.

   I sealed a gate in the Woods, which turned out to be very helpful in keeping the Great One slumbering. Several more cards were drawn that would have poured forth gates or monsters into the sleepy Massachusetts town had that site not been permanently sealed.

   The game went very well until what looked like the last turn. We had five gates sealed, and only needed one more to save the day. My researcher sat poised to re-emerge from the Great City of Ceanos, seal the gate, and win the game. Then, a minor disaster struck: the Mythos card for the turn before I could emerge from the portal created a new environmental condition: no gates could be sealed while it continued. And if I were to leave the location of the gate, then I would have to go back through the gate all over again before I could seal it. All we could do was to wait, and hope, as Cthulhu crept ever closer to wakefulness...

   Luckily, we finally turned over a new environmental condition when the Ancient One was one turn away from arising. That allowed me to close the gate, seal it permanently, and end the game.

   It's a fun game, but it does take a while, especially with only three players. I'm thinking I might want to get an expansion after one or two more games.

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