Friday, January 24, 2014

Cold and Bored in Austin, Texas

   The memsahib and I drove up to Austin last night so that she could attend a continuing education seminar for windstorm engineering. Almost ran off the road a couple of times thanks to the ice. Did see three cars in the ditch, but everyone already had help from folks with flashing lights on the roof of their cars/trucks, so we kept on. had to stop and break the ice off of the windshield wipers so we could see to drive. Truly, not fun. This is a big part of the reason I would never consider moving to any Northern state, like, say, Oklahoma, Tennessee, etc. Too cold. North of there is right out.

   So it is cold. And at 0845, there is not much to do. So I am sitting in the hotel lobby business area (Hilton Garden Inn Downtown - not a bad place, but pricey), checking out TMP and blog-griping. I think after 10 or 11 I will go over to The Dragon's Lair, or Half-Price Books, or Great Hall Games (or all three - I have until about 1700).

   Blah blah blah. Thanks for listening. We now return you to our regularly scheduled gaming related stuff.

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Don M said...

I live a mere 7 miles from work on FT Hood and it took me a considerable
amount of time to get to and from work last night! Saw several accidents but was thankfully unaffected myself. Fortunately being born and raised in the Hudson Valley area of New York I know how to drive on this stuff! I'm very glad I no longer work in Austin, people can't drive there when it's dry! Glad you made it!