Monday, March 16, 2009

The Blood Eyes Return

01 February ….

Thursday afternoon, Blood-eye frogs were spotted by our Marines on the outskirts of the cleared rainforest surrounding the Aether Landing Zone. The five frogs announced their presence even before we could see them; they have a very distinct communication system. If you can imagine the sound of a bullfrog back in San Jacinto and magnify it by about eight times, then you can begin to imagine how far the sound carries. Private Jones (the best shot in all of Fort Humid) was able to kill four with carefully aimed shots. Most people cannot see past 800 yards and here is our Jonesy shooting frogs in their eyes. The fifth frog deserted his downed friends. We carefully gathered the carcasses and set them together to be burned - not an easy task here on Venus, with the wood so wet most of the time. It is also very difficult to handle something that secretes a lethal poison from its skin, but we were able to use Spot for the heavy lifting, as he had no problem moving them and seems immune to the Blood-eye frog's poison.

The reporters are starting to get on my nerves, and I cannot wait until they leave next month. I wish they would have left with the RTS Santa Fe Aether Group. I removed one from the post as he was starting to disturb my men as they worked. He wanted to interview Private Jones and get a story of how he killed the Blood-eyes. Mr. Griggs is definitely coming around as I can see him developing into a great officer one day. He instructed the reporters to mind their own business and leave the Marines alone, as we have a job to do. When one of them (the slick talking fellow from the Houston Post - I think he must be a transplanted Yankee) tried to tell Mr. Griggs that "interviewing your troops is our business," he jumped down that fellow's throat so fast, he lost his little bowler hat. He promised to brig the next reporter that so much as said hello to an on-duty Marine. I must say I was quite impressed with my young junior officer.

Well it is off to relax on the porch and I am going to enjoy the sun as it sets as RSM Taggart and I enjoy the taste of a good cigar and swap stories. His will all be tall tales, of course, seeing as how all those Army boys lie...


Eli Arndt said...

Damnable frogs! What does your caijun cook thing about them frog legs?

J Womack, Esq. said...

For a moment, I thought you meant the French! Ha!