Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Orca Returns

4 January …

The dirigible Orca arrived yesterday after a trip to Camp Trafalgar. Major Higgins and crew were very pleased with their trip and the capabilities of Seaman 1st Johansson. Major Higgins’s main concern was of our new enemies, the plant-like species with the sound weapons. Seems as though our allies have not seen much of them and have only limited knowledge. A request was sent back to the Republic for some lab equipment by LT Armstrong. There was also a request for some military dogs.

Seaman 1st Johansson was very happy to be home and was carrying on about his adventures. He told stories after Mass this morning as the others gathered round to hear. Johansson sure has a way with words and seems as though he is able to spin tales and sea stories. You would have thought he was with Captain Ahab on the quest for the White Whale.

RSM Taggart and I were able to just relax today, which was especially welcome as the work has been extremely busy, especially with the defenses around the fort. The outer wall is almost complete and we will soon be able to expand. The interior of the fort is taking shape nicely as it actually resembles a proper outpost. Subaltern Griggs showed me the drawings he has personally been working on. Fort Humid will be immense in size, with an underground tunnel to the Aether Pad and also a few lookout towers further on the highlands to the North.

[Editor's Note: The Republic has utilized dogs in the military since the Maximillian War; they proved useful in the early detection of troops and were able to sniff out traps and hidden cellars the Imperial Mexicans were using for ammo and food storage.]

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