Saturday, March 28, 2009

No rest for the RTS Santa Fe

08 March ….

The RTS Santa Fe, Hammerhead and Mako are still here by request of Camp Trafalgar. Captain Franklin, RN, commanding the Santa Fe squadron, was more than willing to take a little time out of the Aether to patrol the region until the HMS Wellington battlegroup arrives. The Santa Fe will stay on the deck (as she is just a converted cargo ship with a limited weapons system) as the Hammerhead and Mako patrol the atmosphere in case of any attack by the Hun. It is a little unnerving to think of the seriousness of the situation, when all we can do is keep working, but there is tension around the camp. Some of the troops have started to bicker at each other as they start to get their minds prepared for what might lay in store. The HMS Wellington is a new battlecruiser and could wipe out our whole fleet in a single salvo. It will be a sight to see if she has the chance to land on the surface. It will probably be a year or two before the Republic could possibly build something like her - if we even bother.

In response to the growing fleet of ships, Mr. Griggs has ordered us to expand the Aetherpad and to start construction of a new site. Sergeant Garcia and Sergeant Cromwell will have to stretch their men even thinner to accomplish the mission. I was sure hoping to get additonal Marines last week, and all we got was the RA troops. I guess I should not complain, and I can understand the thinking of the brass at Alamo Square, but it sure makes us earn our money.

Father Flannigan sure has stepped up to the plate to do his part. Before he got “the Call” he was a corporal in Her Majesty's 88th Regiment of Foot (The Connaught Rangers). So he knows well the feelings of the troops on the ground and knows when one is complaining to hear himself or if it is something to take seriously. He has a way of inspiring us to do more in his talk and mannerisms as he walks around talking to all the troops, Catholic or not. He would make a wonderful Friar Tuck for our Merry Men.

Last week I had forgot to mention the arrival of Lieutenant Joseph Kowalski of San Jacinto Province, he is a red leg artillery officer with a good reputation for listening to the troops. I know he will make a great impact here at Fort Humid today and in the future. With three 2.5” guns and two 1” Gatlings, a lieutenant to take charge is very common. Subaltern Kern will serve as assistant Artillery Officer. This will probably be the limit of artillery officers, but I do expect to see at least another Infantry lieutenant and three subalterns.

I have not heard much about the temple as it has been overshadowed by the obvious. I have seen the combat correspondant from the Alamo Gazette, our military newspaper. His name is Corporal Marvin Gallegos, from Chihuahua Province. He is here to do a story on the Army at Fort Humid, but being a squid he has spent more time hanging around us and talking to Mr. Griggs and the NCOs then talking to Baby Pummel and Staff. Well, I must depart as it is getting late and I have been ordered to relax and have a pint.

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