Friday, March 6, 2009

Hydra Miniatures is Awesome. [ooc]

Okay, I am obviously very happy with Hydra Miniatures (, right?

I ordered a batch of minis on Friday, paid on Saturday, and received today. So far, so good, but about what you would expect.

Matt, the fella running the joint, bent over backwards to help me out. I needed 20 Vardu sprouts (, but they came in packs of 8. I asked Matt if he could package up twenty and charge me the difference for more than 2 packs. He did, no problem. Then I asked him to help me out with some of the minibots (, as I wanted 10, and again, they were in a pack of 8. Again, no problem. Finally, I ordered two packs of the hoverbots (5 each) ( and needed no additional help with those.

Matt figured out the per mini cost and just emailed me telling me my total, which I then Paypal-ed to him. Easy transaction.

And I really like the minis. the Vardu sprouts are just about the same height as a 15mm German Aetherbattalion trooper, and the minibot and the hoverbot scale up well against them too.

Left to right: Minibot, 15mm German (OG), Hoverbot, German, Vardu sprout

About the only thing I have found to complain about - and its not much of a complaint! - is that it took me about a minute to clean some flash off of the hoverbot using my craft knife. The minibot took less time than that, and I've done nothing to the Vardu sprout.

Last but not least, I think they also all scale well against 25mm VSF figures, though obviously as smaller than man-sized. Scale neutrality is a big plus in my book, as you get twice the bang for your buck.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase. Matt hinted to me about some future Vardu products that I am waiting for in eager anticipation. I have my Plantmen of Venus! And Doktor Maton's mechanical horde keeps growing!

All for now. I have painting to do! I'll try to get some shots up this weekend, but no promises.


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