Saturday, March 21, 2009

Urgent Request from Camp Trafalgar

08 February ….

Seaman 1st Johansson got to break away from the saw mill as he chauffeured Major Higgins and crew (including the two reporters) as we received message that our presence was requested at Camp Trafalgar. The good Major wasted no time assembling the crew and the dirigible Orca. Again, Johansson seemed very amused to be leaving camp once again.

I wonder if the news of the German and French conflict is worsening. RSM Taggart and I were debating the issue of what of what we thought the Republic would do if we were attacked in the same manner as the Frenchies. We also called in our staff NCO’s to get their opinions as well, as it is good to make your troops think of possibilities and helps to create a 'creative solution' session. Someone should have been taking notes as I am sure we solved all of the world’s problems that evening. The jungle juice seemed to help a good bit. I think the conclusion was that we would attack the enemy with extreme prejudice and if any other nation wanted to join in then they had best not get in the way. “Old Crooked Knee” has always been a hothead, and with the power of the presidency he is able to declare war for up to 89 days without approval from the other offices of state.

The Good Professors are doing well in their excavation, and are most pleased with having their theories and conclusions documented in written literary works. They have uncovered the top of an archway and are hoping it leads to the interior of the temple. The military dogs are not too keen on the archway in particular and have reacted strangely to the temple as a whole.

Lady V has made friends with her fellow canines and I must include it in my letter to the missus as she likes to hear of things of this nature. Well, time to enjoy a pipe and a glass of grog.

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