Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Smoked Grillag Sausage?

11 January …

Another week down and a lot of work completed. Corporal Mendoza’s crew finished the second windmill and we have also drilled an additional well 80 feet deeper than the previous. The outer wall was completed and the stores and provisions were slated and stored. The food storerooms are deep in the earth and are made with two sets of doors for insulation.

One of Sergeant Thibodaux’s new cooks is a Texican named Private Valenta he is of Czech descent from Burleson County. Today he smoked Grillag sausage using an old family recipe for the ingredients. He says the ingredients used in the venison and pork sausage have won the last three Burleson County Fairs. I just hope Grillag will taste just as well as the venison and pork.

Today RSM Taggart and I ventured out on Pachysaurs to the sea as we wanted to get away from the fort and relax. Lady V was quite happy running on the beach and I thought I had lost her twice, as she was chasing sand crabs.

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