Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vardu Photostats

As promised, photostats of the strange Vardu plantmen of Venus. We have as yet been unable to verify the veracity of these photostats, and many of our more cynical readers may remain skeptical for the time being. However, be assured that our own correspondent - armed with camera and heavy rifle! - has been dispatched to the steamy jungles of Venus to obtain independent verification. Once he is back (assuming the dinosaurs, diseases, lizardmen or parrotfolk don't get him!), we will happily provide additional confirmation.


Eli Arndt said...

What is the Vardu translation of "FEED ME!"

Thosel ooks great andn ice staging of the terrain for the pic.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Thanks. I like to stage the pictures, personally, because it gets more of the idea across that I was trying to go for when I bought and painted the models.

I feel like such an artiste (notice the -e!) now. "It really captures the feeling I was going for.."

Hah! Color me all pretentious or something! *snort* :)

Eli Arndt said...

Lol. I need a camera that can do 15mm. What are you using?