Saturday, July 2, 2011

CDC: Capitol of the republic Announced

Cymraeg Darlleda Chwmni (Welsh Broadcast Company):

   The Provisional Government of the Republic of Wales has announced the site of the new capital shall be the historic city of...


   Located in the Northwest, in the historic region of Gwynedd, Caernarfon has long been a symbol of English oppression, since Edward I of England built his massive stone castle there to hold the countryside against the Welsh people. Provisional President Saunders chose the location. Although the southern cities are larger, their proximity to Monarchist and Fascist control make them undesireable for locating our government there.

   Perhaps following the end of our current War of Independence, a move might be countenanced by the Senned. Until the Final Victory over English Fascism and Monarchy, the capital shall remain in Caernarfon.


abdul666 said...

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

bunnyman said...

What a wonderful idea. If its good enough for the Scots then its good enough for the Welsh.