Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WFB Empire Paint Projects

 Well, I got a couple of things finished yesterday. Thought I would post a couple of pics before I take off tomorrow. First up is a champion for a Talabecland regiment. Second is four of the five Kislevite horse archers. Number five is done, just waiting on a nice fresh can of clearcoat. Maybe tomorrow I can get him done too.

   I am not really happy with how the horses came out on the Kislevites, but it was time to stop mucking about with them. So now I have two regiments really finished for that army, after only two years. Well, three if you count the Talabheim Halberdiers, but I really need to do another ten of them, and I have eight swordsmen done for a detachment. Maybe that counts as another regiment. As far as this project is concerned, I think I'll do more swordsmen.

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