Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Historicon 2011 Purchases, Final

   As I may have mentioned before, Historicon is a great place to buy toys. Most of the major vendors are there, or at least their US representatives for the manufacturers across the waters. Except for Eureka. Nic comes over from Australia. I think it is because he likes to wear silly hats halfway around the globe from home. Anyway, between the dealers and the flea market - pardon me, "Wally's Basement", there's always a lot of stuff to spend your money on. And so, the final rundown, adding on to those things I have mentioned already (i.e., not including them).
  • 2x Car Wars turning keys
  • 3x Monsterpocalypse buildings - for BattleTech
  • Empire Helblaster Volleygun - another Dane bargain
  • Woodbine British Section (10 regulars in caps)
  • Woodbine Vickers HMG (4 figs)
  • Musketeer Minis VBCW "Toff and Gentleman's Gentleman" (2 figs)
  • Musketeer Minis VBCW Militia Standards (3 figs)
  • Musketeer Minis VBCW Militia Boys ATR Team (2 figs)
  • Parroom Station (?) Martian "Holy Man"
  • 6mm Government Building (ptd.)
  • Fight's On! Suez Canal set
  • 2x Tactical Conflict Systems 6mm buildings
  • JR Miniatures 12"x12" cobbled square
  • Small plastic "Welsh" dragon
  • 1 toy dinosaur (Dimetrodon, actually)
  • 8x BTD Viking Berserkers
  • 18x Asst'd crocs and lizards from Iron Wind
  • 8x Eureka Frogs with Muskets
  • 13x 6mm Les Batiments Railway pieces
  • Les Batiments factory
  • Les Batiments power house
  • 7x Parroom Station Clockwork Soldiers ($8!!!)
  • 2x Parroom Station Tatsuhiro Mechanified Infantry Suits
  • Prof. Moriarty and Dr. Loveless
  • 20x small fern bushes
  • 2x 6mm boats
  • 3x Foundry Victorian ladies
  • 10x Foundry DA Sikhs
  • 1x RAFM Sailor dropping timebomb
  • 4x converted Martian marines
  • 6x RAFM Martian shield gunners
  • 1x RAFM High Martian
  • 40K Vostroyan Mortar team (2 figs)
  • 1x 15mm limber
  • 1x Eureka Turtle Cavalryon Alligator
  • 2x BTD Crocodiles
  • Package of 1"x1 1/2" metal bases
  • Pulp Figures Seebattalion Maxim (4 figs)
  • Pulp Figures Seebattalion NCOs (5 figs)
  • 2x Vallejo paints
  • 3x Army Painter basing materials
  • 4x random bits
  • 16x Small rock formations (orig. islands for POTSM)
   And I think that does it. I still did not find everything I was looking to purchase. But I spent my money anyway. I should have held on to some of it for eBay purchases, but what the heck. The total makes it to just over 300 figures of various scales (mostly 25), plus 65 terrain bits, several books, and a few generic supplies. Wow.

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