Saturday, July 9, 2011

Despatches from Historicon: Day 1 Photos

   As promised, some Historicon photos. These are from Day One (Thursday). Captions below each for explanations. Click the picture for larger views. Enjoy!
Monkey Island game. A scratch built carrier for the American Rocketeer Corps.
The fans are powered. How cool is that?

Road Rash. Goliath Corporation's four black SUVs are couriers.
In this shot, two have been stopped in a massive pileup while two escape through a gap.
Unfortunatley, the Package is in one of the wrecked SUVs.

Another shot of the pileup. The silver Audi and Goliath Yellow (one of the SUVs)
have made a motorcycle panini. Yum!

A totally insane Gallipoli board, done by Grand Manner. 28mm scale.
Really, absolutely beautiful.

Just to give you a sense of it, a shot of the beach area from the above board.

Da Boyz! While they aren't green, their troops are.
This is Buck Surdu's "Viva la Rana!" GASLIGHT game.
The North lost.

From the same game, some of Dane's Heavy Frog Cavalry run into Southern Spearfrogs.
The Cavalry takes the worst of it.

From the last game I played on Thursday, Battlefleet Gothic.
I am man enough to use a pink ship. It was battered heavily, but survived.

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