Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CDC: Democratic People's Republic of Wales Announced

Maerdy -- Comrade Leader Llewellyn Jones announced today the creation of the Democratic People's Republic of Wales. Surrounded by coal miners, he called on the proletariat class to rise up against the oppression of the Fascist state and King of England, and to avoid the seductive capitalist state of the Republic of Wales, currently headquartered in Caernarfon.

   Jones laid out his plan for a socialist worker's state in Wales. Part of the plan includes a non-aggression stance towards the Caernarfon government, saying "The proletariat must first concentrate on striking off the shackles of the English monarch and his Fascist lackies. Only then can we afford the effort to establish a real socialist state in Wales, dealing with the capitalists of the so-called Provisional Government through peaceful political process of referenda. Our victory in such a contest is inevitable."

  Interim President Saunders of the Provisional Government, speaking from his home in Caernarfon, responded by welcoming the assistance of the working men of southern Wales in the struggle against England's king, but did not go so far as to offer war materiels to the DPRW. He also claimed that no Provisional Government troops would be first to start a fight with the socialists, but also reiterated his stance against "godless Communism."

[Editor's Note: This comes from an idea engendered from this thread on TMP.]

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