Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mini-Report, Historicon 2011 Days 1 and 2

   Why a mini-report? Because I am freaking exhausted.

Games I have played:
  • Third Battle of St. Alban's. A VBCW game, using Too Fat Lardies Through the Mood and the Blood. Excellent!!
  • Sky Galleons of Mars, in 28mm. GM was a no-show for the game. Major bummer.
  • Paris and Nicole's Tropical Vacation. Howard Whitehouse ran it. Awesome as always.
  • Battlefleet Gothic Cruiser Clash. Cruiser type spacecraft in 40K. Fun game, but really annoying kid.
  • Road Rash. Post-apocalyptic car game. Fun, but didn't love the rules. Car Wars is better, I think.
Games Greyson has played so far:
  • Fallout: Kill all Muties. Post-apoc skirmish, based on world of video game Fallout. He won.
  • Monkey Island. Pulp game. He won.
  • Sky Galleons of Mars - see above comment.
  • Viva la Rana! GASLIGHT 28mm using Eureka's frogs and turtles. Great fun, but lost.
  • Deutscheland und Dinosaurs. GASLIGHT 28mm Weird War II, using Eureka's Jurassic Reich figures. Again had fun, but lost.
Games Dane has played:
  • Fallout: Kill all Muties. See above. He also won.
  • Monkey Island. See above, but did not win.
  • Viva la Rana! See above; also lost.
  • Secret Science Test Arena. 28mm playtest of rules being developed by Parroom Station. Had fun, but his mad scientist's creations failed against other mad scientist's creations.
  • Deutscheland und Dinosaurs. See above. Also lost.
   Yes, this has been a very bare bones rendering. More detail (and photos) will come later. I promise. I have seen several old acquaintances from Historicon this year (Dave, Howard, Nic, Rob, Buck and a few more), met a few new guys who are pretty great (James and Richard Clarke), and have run into one guy from the regular gaming club back home (Joe).

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