Sunday, November 11, 2012

Victoria's Boys in Red: Lest We Forget...

Victoria's Boys in Red: Lest We Forget...

Because we should never, ever, forget that the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, British, French, etc., were all bought at the price of the sacrifice of our veterans.



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just a Quick One, then...

Random, but cool: A Bentley near the house.

Burning Hitlerite tanks (FOW)

Burning Soviet tanks (FOW)

My 8th Army Brit objective marker (FOW)

Unfinished Empire Marksman (Talabheim)

Unfinished Talabheim Musician

Unfinished Talabheim Banner

Another shot of FOW objective

GW Powder monkey, part of my Empire Great Cannon crew

And from behind. Mutant two tails...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

To quote Monty Python...

"I'm not dead."

Really. It just seems that way. I had a few productive weeks in August in the name of gaming and not a darn thing since then. Real life, grad school, start of term for the school in which I teach, yadda yadda yadda.

One fun non-gaming thing I did, which may have to become a new tradition in the house, was show my kids Ferris Bueller's Day Off on the night before school began. Just to put things in perspective. Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen...

I promise I will try to snap a few pictures of what I got up to at the end of summer and post them this weekend.

Really. I'll try.

Really really.

Why are you still reading this? Go home.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Empire Paints Back

   Okay, it is only a moderately clever title. But I have been painting again, last week mostly. The work has been aimed at the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Empire army I started about two years ago for my sons. The army is a mix of Talabheim and Talabecland troops, with some random extras thrown in. I finished up the Kislevite horse archers and flagellants last year, and the start of two units of state troops (swords and halberds).

   I finished up another five swordsmen, and ordered the remainder. These are Talabecland troops, in yellow and red. I finished the Warrior Priest of Sigmar a couple of months back, as well, which lets me field the flagellants. I also finally finished the two crewmen I had for the Great Cannon, so that is ready for the field. I am painting up a powder monkey to act as the third crewman for now. I am almost finished with the Talabheim halberdiers, as well. Five more are about 90% done. I need to re-do the banner for that unit, since it is a Reikland banner, but that is a pretty easy fix. The rest of the unit of 20 are on order as well.

   On the table right now are the powder monkey, a champion (for the soon to start Talabecland Spears), and a unit of Talabheim handgunners. Plus odds and ends of other projects.

   One problem I have is that the halberds and swordsmen I have are of an older plastic pattern, and the spearmen and the last fillers are of the newer sculpts. Not a huge deal for the swordsmen, but the 2006 sprues for state troops are a lot different from the spearmen and halberdiers, especially in how they hold their weapons and all the feathers! Feathers snip off easily enough, but re-positioning the arms and hands for the halberdiers is not. May have to hit eBay for more of the older ones.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hyderabad Campaign (D&D 3.5)

   A few weeks ago, I asked here about how to roleplay via Skype. I managed to get my end of the deal set up, but my buddy Jim is temporarily internet-less at his home in Canyon, Texas, thanks to technical difficulties. So we have been unable to Skype game. We settled for the next best, and have been speaker-phone gaming.

   This is definitely not the way we are going to want to proceed on a permanent basis. Hard to hear, and my sons' discussions and suggestions easily drown out what Jim is trying to say on the other end. We do send him text pictures of the map layout as we go, however, so he has a general idea of the tactical picture.

   The setting is one I created specifically for this campaign. Hyderabad (pr. Hi-deer-uh-bath) is located atop a relatively remote mountain. It would have remained an isolated village of inbred shepherds were it not for the Chamber of Portals found in a cavern below the village. Relics of the Ancients, the twenty-six magical gateways carry anyone passing through them to somewhere else, always underground. Most portals are known to have a variety of randomly selected end points, but the command word for each activates the return portal to the Chamber. The influx of wealth and adventurers has given the city its growth, and it is often called the City of Adventurers, the City of Wanderers, or the City of Portals.

   Chartered Adventuring Companies obtain charters from the city government allowing them access to the Chamber. A strict inventory is taken both before departure and on arrival. Taxes are garnished (5%) of anything that returns with a party that was not with them when they departed. The city above caters to the whims and needs of adventurers as well. There are a multitude of pawnbrokers, coin changers, jewelers, enchanters, weaponsmiths, inns, taverns, chandlers, merchants, thieves, and temples in the city's winding streets.

   Our party, the Chartered Company of Romarr's Rangers consists of the classic four member dungeon-delving team: fighter, sorcerer, rogue and cleric.
  • Joseph Ore'rock: Mul fighter. All power and endurance. He wields a greatsword as if it were a tennis racket. [Greyson]
  • Gerrok: Human cleric of Romarr, an obscure deity of protection. Domains are fire and war. Rumor has it that a great temple to Romarr is in one of the portal caverns. Gerrok seeks it to increase the faith. Captain of Romarr's Rangers. [Dane]
  • Hawar Osovok: Halfling rogue, brother of Idamar. Small and very quick, his nimble fingers find little challenge in common locks. [Jim]
  • Idamar Osovok: Halfling sorcerer, brother of Hawar. Physically weak, he avoids melee if possible, preferring to shower foes with unerring bolts of pure magical force. [Jim]

   So far, we have played on two nights, and are enjoying it. Can't wait to get the Skype up and running to help with visibility, discussion and sociability.

Friday, July 6, 2012

40K Proxies...

   If you play that game of the Grim Gothic Imperium, and especially if you have created or consider creating  Necron, Space Wolf, or Ork armies, you might be interested in this eBay seller's items. Samples include, priced from $50 to $10, the following:

Friday, June 29, 2012

VSF - The Modern Major General: New Blog!

VSF - The Modern Major General: New Blog!: OK, so here's the new blog - all I need to do is try to work out how to use it and what to put in it! Basically, I have enjoyed reading so...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

PanzerKaput's Painted Review: Welsh Flags without Writing

   PanzerKaput's Painted Review: Welsh Flags without Writing: Here is a second and requested Welsh flag for the use of. I hope you like it :D

   PK did this one on request for me. I love it. I present the flag of the Republic of Wales!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CDC: 1st Caernarfon Fusiliers Mobilized

Caernarfon -- Formerly a Territorial Army battalion of the British Army, the 1st Caernarfon Fusiliers have been mobilized (at last!) in defense of the Republic of Wales. 

   A military parade was held through the streets of the capital, ending in the Lower Ward of the castle. The commissioning ceremony culminated with the presentation of the regimental colours to Colonel William Jones (Officer Commanding) by Provisional President Saunders.

   Army officials have promised that as production permits, the 1st Caernarfon will receive helmets and additional support weapons, which are currently lagging in availability. Rifles and uniforms were those of the former TA battalion, suitably modified for current use until replacements come available.

[Editor's Note: Finally! Ten stout Welsh lads to fight the Fascists, Communists, and anyone who would reign over a free Wales! These were something of a chore to paint, though the paint jobs are not really complicated. I just find all that khaki (well, Vallejo English Uniform, mainly) excessively boring to paint. Now I just need to get some officers, a Maxim and a Lewis gun if possible. This is the second finished ten man unit  for my Welsh force.]

Saturday, June 23, 2012

USA v. Italy Rugby Match

   Well, I just got home from the match, and it was a disappointment only in the final score. Yes, the Eagles lost, 10-30 against Italy, but...
  • Italy is higher ranked, about 5 spots in the IRB rankings
  • We played a large part of the game down two players
  • A record crowd of 17,214 were on hand
  • I got to spend time with the wife and boys
   All in all, a great night. Bit hot, though, so when they come back, let's shoot for a fall game, please? And with a record crowd - even with the Astros playing right before hand only a few blocks away - I am hopeful that we will draw more matches to Houston in the future.

Real Estate in Interwar Britain

   I was poking about a bit, looking for vendors of 28mm scale buildings suitable for A Very British Civil War game. I thought that the following links might prove helpful to others doing the same.
   All are based out of the UK. Postage might be an issue.

  As long as I am at it, if you are looking for miniatures to play, The Very British Civil War Miniatures Guide is an excellent starting point.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ray Bradbury... RIP


Thanks for all the stories.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Skype Help Needed

   So my buddy Jim has moved 600 miles to the frozen north of Texas (okay, so not so frozen this time of year.) My sons want to continue to game with their godfather (yup, just like the movie). I want to continue to game with my best friend. But a ten plus hour commute just isn't frequently going to be in the cards.

  Tell me about Skype. Will it do what I think it will do for us? I have a large flatscreen that can be used as a monitor on the wall in the game room (helpful when playing ZULU as background while painting, etc.). I have two laptops with integrated webcams and a third computer that could be moved to attach to the TV if needed. I have an older digital camera that shoots video and I think can be setup as a live web camera. We also have three smart phones (one iPhone and two Droids - we are a mixed family, you see...). Almost fitting the Droids should be involved, since we play Star Wars RPG.

   So, can we do this for free via Skype? I would prefer if we could all have our faces individually on his screen, and maybe an additional camera on the field of play. Do I need to get another webcam? Help the techno-challenged gamer!

Monday, June 4, 2012

End of May Review

   In short, May was a horrible month for painting. Too many guests, too much work, etc., etc. The excuses abound. But the fact is I only sat down at the table for about three hours in the entire month. Here's the official tally:

  • MG Platoon Goal: 15mm Indian Machinegun Platoon for FOW. Primed only.
  • Great Cannon Crew Goal: Finish these two buggers. Untouched
  • Free Taffy Goal: Finish these ten sods, too. 90% complete. A few touchups and basing.
  • 6mm French Walker Goal: Epic GW Eldar War walkers, x4. (new!) Still in packing
  • 6mm British Walker Goal: Epic GW Imperial Guard Sentinels, x5 (new!) Still in packing
  • 6mm Rocket Goal: Epic GW Pulsa Rokkits, x2 (new!) Still in packing
  In addition, I started work on a 25mm scout aeronef from Ironclad Miniatures. You can find out more about that on Victoria's Boys in Red. Finally, I did work on a random piece, just sitting there looking for some work to be done. It was a GW Epic Squat Overlord airship. Well, I suppose it still is one, just with some fresh paint and a new purpose: to serve l'Empereur. Yes, a French airship for 6mm VSF. It is actually quite small, but heavily armed for its size, with six field guns, a few Mitrailleuse, and an assortment of bombs.

6mm French Armoured Zeppelin

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Winter of '79

   If you haven't run across it before, and you're interested in Alternate History gaming, you might find this blog very interesting: Winter of '79. Currently, they are chronicling the Welsh Rising of 1979. I hope it goes well for the Taffys.

   You might recall that my Very British Civil War faction is Welsh Nationalists. So it is interesting to see the results coming through.

   Anyway, if you are into Cold War-era gaming, you will probably enjoy it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Some Photos from 5/19

   These photos were taken at our monthly club gathering on 19 May 2012. We had some new folks show up, which was nice: Daniel, from the UK and newly arrived in Houston, with his wife, Tatiana, and Mike, a visitor from Baton Rouge. We had two games of FOW and one of Warrior (Ancients).

   My son Dane helped out with the Soviet side in one of the FOW games. So that is where I got the most photos. Sue me.

The Field: Soviets vs. Germans

The Soviet Wave attacks!

Ivan's flamethrowers destroy Hitlerite PaK 40s and infantry

Za Stalina! The Soviets take the hill...

A devastating counterattack ends with a dead Tiger, and
Ivan driven back off the hill with severe losses.

   The Warrior Ancients was more of a learning experience, getting familiar with the rules, than an actual game. But the figures were real purty...

Gerald's Arabs

More of Gerald's Arab horsemen

Byzantine cavalry

Left to Right: Dane, Tom, Jaden, Cody, Gerald, and John

    The other FOW game: a British night attack against a German-held town.

The British line prepares to push off.

British advance across cornfields

Nice half-track and crew - taking cover from British fire

Another crowd shot.
  We meet on third Saturdays and fifth Saturdays when they happen. Usually. If you're in the Houston area, and want to play something historical, let me know.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Worthy Charity - Please Check it Out

   A friend of mine, an officer in the US Army, just let me know about this small scale charity that is looking for some funding. It is to help returning soldiers deal with PTSD by building models.

   Please click on the link and go check it out. If you feel so inclined, please donate.

Monday, May 14, 2012



I love comments. And heck, they aren't even moderated on this blog - though I will remove any that seem spammy or that include inappropriate language or material. My kids check this blog, after all.

On the plus side, the more feedback I get, the more active I will be on this blog. Positive cycle, and all that.

So please, feed me, Seymour!

He puts it so well: OGRE Kickstarter Conrats

Super Galactic Dreadnought: Congrats to SJ Games: The project started with a funding target of $20,000 to get the OGRE Designer's Edition (a/k/a OGRE6e ) off the ground, and it ended up wit...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

British Escape Disaster in Zululand

   Had a good game of The Sword and the Flame on Wednesday night with my buddy Zach. He played the Zulu hordes, and I handled the stout-hearted British.

Zulu forces: 5x Zulu impis of 20 men each, plus a grand induna. All assegai armed.
British forces: 1 platoon of infantry, 1 supply wagon, a major in command, and a troop of lancers.
Simple scenario: Get the supply wagon from one end of the table to the other.
Terrain: Mostly open, with a small kraal and some thorny thickets.

British Column Deployment

Turn 1: Three red cards in a row for movement, so all the British forces trundled along, headed as fast as they could for the other end of the field. The cavalry scouted one possible hiding spot. The infantry faced right, suspecting the enemy to attack from that direction. Three units of Zulus then sprang up from the tall grasses to either side of the column and charged into the boys in red. Two were right behind the infantry, and the third was to their front! Some pretty hot shooting killed two of the Zulus to the front, including their induna, and wounded two more! Without their leader, the Zulus wavered at the last moment, and did not complete their charge. One of the impis charging the rear of the infantry were so frightened by the loud report of the rifles that they too were unable to complete their charge. But the third unit piled in... and killed ten Englishmen, wounded one, and forced the rest to flee the battlefield, for a loss of only four Zulu wariors in the fierce hand to hand combat! Luckily for his family name, the Lieutenant was amongst the glorious dead, and not the nine who fled.

The Zulu Ambush sprung!

Rifles take down one Induna, and the card that killed him!

Aftermath of the Ambush
Turn 2: Thankfully, the prior turn's Morale Phase kept the nearest impi from pursuing the rapidly fleeing wagon and the cavalry line. The cavalry stormed forward, flushing out more Zulus. Random movement kept the Zulus from closing with the wagon and the major, but placed them directly to the rear of the cavalry. The two newly revealed impis can't quite reach the cavalry this turn, but it looks bad for the next turn. The lancers try their carbines, but fail to achieve any results.

Turn 3: The wagon and major decide to cut across the thorny thicket rather than waste time circling around it. Then, the climactic charge! Two impis charge the lancers. Carbines take down a few, and one impi fails to close. The other charges angrily, and leaves no stragglers (rolling a six, lucky bugger). However, the great induna and the impi's own induna that make it into the close combat are spitted on British lancepoints, along with thirteen more warriors! The British lose five killed and two wounded, who swing up behind their mates and ride pillion. The Zulus fail their Morale check, and the Zulu survivors of the cavalry battle flee the battlefield. The remainder of the Zulus will be unable to move in the next turn due to the loss of their general.

The Lancers Fight...

...and win!

 Turn 4: With the Zulus immobilized by shock at the loss of their Great Induna, the British take the chance to move as quickly as possible to their objective. The wagoneer whips the oxen mercilessly, and the cavalry take position on their flank, screening them from the remaining Zulus who will surely pursue.
Lancers screen the Departing Wagon

Turn 5: Their shock over, the Zulus move to overtake the fleeing British column. The wagon continues to move as quickly as possible toward the safety of the fort at the opposite edge of the table. Cavalry carbines fail to cause any casualties, but the Subaltern in command pots one with his revolver at maximum range.

Turn 6: The British wagon escapes the table, and the cavalry follow at best speed, outdistancing the foot pursuit of the nearest Zulus.

RESULT: Marginal British victory. Losing the infantry so early hurt, but the wagon and the cavalry made it. If the Zulus had not lost their general, it would have been much worse for the British, I think.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

space1970: News: JASON OF STAR COMMAND on Netflix

I spent many a Saturday morning watching this show when I was a kid.

space1970: News: JASON OF STAR COMMAND on Netflix: Fans of Filmation's Saturday morning sci-fi romp, Jason Of Star Command who haven't yet picked up or found a copy of the (rapidly becomin...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Goals

   I suppose I ought to start with a wrap-up of last month. I did finish the Indian Rifle Platoon, as expected. I also painted a 25mm building for VSF on Venus. Still incomplete are the Welsh Regulars for VBCW, and the Empire Great Cannon's gunners. Have not started the Indian Machinegun Platoon. Which brings us to the May Goals:
  • MG Platoon Goal: 15mm Indian Machinegun Platoon for FOW.
  • Great Cannon Crew Goal: Finish these two buggers.
  • Free Taffy Goal: Finish these ten sods, too.
  • 6mm French Walker Goal: Epic GW Eldar War walkers, x4. (new!)
  • 6mm British Walker Goal: Epic GW Imperial Guard Sentinels, x5 (new!)
  • 6mm Rocket Goal: Epic GW Pulsa Rokkits, x2 (new!)
  My friend Zach bought me some toys when he was on vacation - a lot of GW Epic stuff. I will be using this as support weapons for my 6mm VSF forces. It will even be the start of the 6mm French, for which I have no infantry, cavalry, or guns. Oh well, I can always order some later, right?

   Not a lot of new stuff, and what there is should be fairly easy, but I want to get those 28mm figures DONE this month. Maybe I'll snap some WIP shots and post them. If that's all that gets completed, I will be happy. Happy-ish, at any rate.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Last Train - British Post-Apocalyptic Program

"Following a random group of individuals heading to Sheffield, the series follows the survival of a mixed group of train passengers who have been accidentally cryogenically frozen. Waking up decades later, the passengers find that they are some of the last remaining humans to have survived an apocalyptic meteor strike, and are alone in the British countryside."

Sunday, May 6, 2012

VSF and 15 mm Science Fiction Gaming: Saving the Battleship Texas

VSF and 15 mm Science Fiction Gaming: Saving the Battleship Texas

Go there. Save the TEXAS. She's a grand old lady, and needs help.

Two posts in one day. Wonders never cease.

1 down, 12 to go...

Classes, that is.

I finally finished my first graduate class last night. Man, this thinking thing has gotten harder, hasn't it? Or is it just that since I haven't really had to do too much of it for the last fifteen years or so, I am sorely out of practice?

I think I will get a B for the course, which is okay, but I was hoping to get an A. I did learn a good bit about the history of the British Empire (this is what the course was over), especially in regards to the early 20th century. I even learned a good deal about the interwar society of Britain, which may come in handy for my Very British Civil War gaming.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brazos Evil Empire: THE MACROSS SAGA

I already own MACROSS on DVD, but if you don't have it...

Brazos Evil Empire: THE MACROSS SAGA: New from A&E Home Entertainment : this DVD set contains all 36 digitally remastered episodes of the 1st Robotech War, also known as THE ...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Reason I am So Dull These Days

   This is the really wonderful and greatly exciting book that I am in the process of reviewing for grad school. I have fallen asleep three times trying to work through it. And it is not all that long! The most interesting part is the cover photo. All I can say is that my review will concentrate on how the author shows the ineptitude of the German efforts to raise rebellions in India and across the Middle East against the British. Seems the most effective rebellion they influenced also got the Italians to enter the war... on the Allied side!

Friday, April 27, 2012

April Goals Update

   Haven't really been spending a lot of time at the painting table. Lots of Real Life getting in the way and all. And grad school. Which is interesting, but has been kicking my mental butt. One more week, then semester is over. So here is how everything is going:
  1. 6mm British WTNW Goal: Finish last two battalions from March. 100% done.
  2. VBCW Regulars Goal: Finish the unit of 10 Free Welsh Republic Army Regulars. Not much progress, about 60% done. I added an armband on them, and did a little painting.
  3. FOW Indians Rifle Platoon Goal: Finish the last section of the platoon. 95% done. Needs basing and clear coat.
  4. Brass Soldaten Goal: 8x Parroom Station Clockwork Soldiers I purchased at Historicon 2011 Flea Market. 100% Done.
  5. WFB Empire Gunners Goal: Finish two gunners for Empire Great Cannon. Still sitting there, about 50% or so.
  6. FOW Indians MG Section: At least one section of HMGs to support the Indians. Still sitting in their package. That is so sad.
   So the FOW Rifle Platoon is just about finished. I will say that goal will probably be met by the end of the month. I could see the MG Section getting primed, but doubt it will get painted.

   I started stating goals again so that it would motivate me to get work done. It has, to be honest, but Real Life has been very intrusive into my play time. A problem we all face. In all, I am honestly not too upset about the progress this month, all things considered.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Super Galactic Dreadnought: Steve Jackson doesn't need my help

Loads of goodies! I love Kickstarter.

I just hope this gets Evil Stevie to start making lead minis (especially OGREs) again.

Super Galactic Dreadnought: Steve Jackson doesn't need my help: Image from Steve Jackson Games. The OGRE Designer's Edition Kickstarter campaign had more than $205,000 in pledges as of late Tuesday ev...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Now Showing: Master of the World

From MGM Studios, in 1961. Starring Vincent Price as Robur, renegade captain of the Albatross.

For awesome B-movie VSF, it is hard to beat.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kinda Quiet Around Here...

   But fear not, dear friends! The quiet you do not hear here is the quiet of a duck swimming. All appears calm on the surface, but underneath... ah, that is where all the furious paddling is going on!

   The A to Z of VSF is going well on my other blog, Victoria's Boys in Red. We are up to "F is for FENIANS." And, VBIR got a facelift, too. You should probably check it out if you are not already a follower.

   On the painting front, work proceeds, oh so slowly. I will post an official update on the progress towards my goals this weekend, but I am not unhappy with it so far.

   As far as conventions are concerned, I hope to attend at least three this year: Historicon (assuming the money is there and the games in the PEL are interesting), Broadsides! (held aboard USS Texas), and Milleniumcon. I reserved a room for Historicon last night. I can always cancel if I decide not to attend.

   Finally, I did manage to get a game of FOW in two weeks ago, I don't recall mentioning it here. Let me just say, for the record, that Early War German Heer infantry sucks. Actually, they held out pretty well and the HMGs did a serious number on an attacking platoon of French Colonial infantry (Senegalese, IIRC). A draw when time ran out, it was starting to go in the favor of the French, thanks to bad dice rolls and not knowing I could double move my tanks as reinforcements to get them into position two turns earlier than I did! The perils of learning a  new rules set...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A to Z on VBIR

I am posting a daily series on my other blog, Victoria's Boys in Red.

It counts down from A to Z, discussing the many things that make up Victorian Science Fiction. So far, we are up to "C is for..."

Check it out!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 2012 Goals

   As prophesied yesterday, here are this month's goals:
  1. 6mm British WTNW Goal: Finish last two battalions from March.
  2. VBCW Regulars Goal: Finish the unit of 10 Free Welsh Republic Army Regulars.
  3. FOW Indians Rifle Platoon Goal: Finish the last section of the platoon. And the new stuff...
  4. Brass Soldaten Goal: 7x Parroom Station Clockwork Soldiers I purchased at Historicon 2011 Flea Market.
  5. WFB Empire Gunners Goal: Finish two gunners for Empire Great Cannon.
  6. FOW Indians MG Section: At least one section of HMGs to support the Indians.
    I know its a lot of goals, but two of them are mostly finished, and one is a simple project. I have another, super secret project that I am not ready to unveil just yet, that I hope to have more work done on over the next few weeks. I'll reveal that when the time is ripe...

Monday, April 2, 2012

March Goals Wrapup

   Here we are, the start of a new month, and, of course, the end of the previous one. In March, I did fairly well on my goals, considering, and I think I am still motivated to put paint on lead, which is the idea of the whole "Small Short Range Goals" movement I started here. Now, I didn't finish everything, or even most of the four goals for March, because of a variety of factors. Still, I made some pretty good progress on them.
  1. Zulu Rebasing Goal: 100% completed. Ready for battle. But I could use a unit of rifle armed Zulus, as all of mine are armed with melee weapons only.
  2. FOW Indian Rifle Platoon Goal: 73%+. That's 27 of 37 done, with ten remaining in various stages of painting.
  3. 6mm WTNW British Goal: 75%. Two battalions finished, two about 50% done, maybe a bit more.
  4. VBCW Regulars Goal: 30% +/-. None finished. Added greenstuff armbands on Saturday night after realizing I needed to differentiate them from English soldiers - same uniforms and equipment, you know. But a lot of painting still to do on them.
  Not bad, considering the obstacles I had to overcome this month. That lost week really hurt me, though. I think I would have finished the 6mm and maybe the FOW Indians.

   What's on deck for this month? Two new items for sure. Check back in tomorrow for the scoop. Oh, and some pictures I hope of March's work.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Game of Thrones

   So, I read all the books for years, finally got the last one back in August. Can't wait for the next one. And this week, I broke down and bought the DVD set for the first season of HBO's treatment of the books.

   All in all, I like them. A bit too raunchy for my taste at times - I know, the books are just as bad in some ways, but then, my sons don't want to read over my shoulder. I find myself having to wait until they are in bed or otherwise occupied before I can watch an episode. Rather a pain. Such is the price of parenting, I suppose.

   I do wish more parents considered what their children watch. My students (13-14 year olds) think I am the meanest dad in the world because I won't let my sons watch garbage like the Saw movies. I don't mind them seeing violence in a battle scene or something like that, but the sick and twisted mindgames of a show like Saw - and I haven't seen it either, but know enough of the concept to think it is not worth my time - I just don't want my kids to watch. They are 13 and 16. They know that sick people are out in the world. I just don't think they need to watch someone's twisted sadistic fantasies played out on film.

   Actually, I just wish more parents realized that 'parent' is a verb as well as a noun. That is, it is an action, not just a title. The world would be a better place for it.


   I'll wrapup my monthly goals tomorrow, once I get my homework done. Look for next month's goals on Sunday. Say good night to the nice people, Gracie.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 2012 Goals Update 2 - Final Week!

   Coming into the final week of the month, and things are not looking good for the finish line. Here's where I am at so far...

  1. Zulu Rebasing Goal: 100% DONE.
  2. FOW Indian Platoon Goal: About 55% done. Doubtful that I will finish No. 3 Section, but rest of the platoon I think will get done.
  3. 6mm VSF/Colonial British Goal: Call it about 60% done. 2 battalions done, 2 battalions about half painted, but still need basing, shading, etc. Probable to finish.
  4. VBCW British Regulars Goal: 25% done. Most of the figures have their uniforms blocked in, and flesh. Lots of painting still to do on them. Little to no progress on these. Highly doubtful I will finish this month.
   So that's where I am, with only 4 days to go, and most of them weekdays.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

4th Indian Division, 2nd Battalion, A Company, Pt. 1

No. 7 Platoon, HQ
Jemadar Gurjinder Singh

Sepoys of No. 1 Section

   So I have the first FOW rifle squad done, and the platoon command stand. Work is progressing on the mortar and ATR teams, as well as No. 2 Section. One thing that I know is not accurate, but I don't have the time or desire to fix, is that I have mixed Sikhs, Punjabis and other "martial races" in the same unit. So I will acknowledge here and now that it isn't 100% accurate. I can live with it.

  The figures are from Battlefront.

Friday, March 16, 2012

March 2012 Goals Update 1

  Half way through the month, and not a single project finished. I would be more discouraged, but honestly I have been too worried about the memsahib here at the Clinic for the last week. I am only posting notices here and elsewhere as a distraction while I sit here and stress out about her. See how well that's working?
  1. Zulu Rebasing Goal: about 25% done. All 20 have been removed from their old bases. I don't remember if I glued them on to the new ones yet, but I don't think so.
  2. FOW Indian Platoon Goal: again, about 25% done, and almost all of that is the first squad which I essentially finished in February. Once I get home I can finish the bases on that first squad and shoot some pictures.
  3. 6mm VSF/Colonial British Goal: Call it about 30% done. 4 bases (one battalion) just need base decoration.
  4. VBCW British Regulars Goal: 20% done. Most of the figures have their uniforms blocked in, and flesh. Lots of painting still to do on them.
   Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me for this month, and only two more weekends!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[Repost!] Have You Ever Noticed...

...that when you are away from your paints, minis, scalpels, bits, et cetera, you really, really get inspired to work on something? This is happening to me in a big way here in Minnesota. And blast it all, I have nothing to work with! And somehow, I don't think the memsahib is going to take it too kindly if I suggest a field trip to the arts and crafts and dollar stores to start a new kitbash.

But the Colonel and Dampfpanzerwagon's latest scratchbuilds have my juices flowing. I want to work on something! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!

At least I can get on eBay and look for bits...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I SEE LEAD PEOPLE: When Is A Ninja Loud?

I SEE LEAD PEOPLE: When Is A Ninja Loud?: When he is me! As of now Loud Ninja Games is officially a go.  What is LNG?  LNG is my new boutique-scale gaming company focused on, but...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Store Report: The Source, St. Paul, MN

2057 Snelling Ave. N
Roseville, MN

   While my wife and I are up in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region, I talked her into letting me swing by a game store that had been recommended to me by people on The Miniatures Page. Now, they are moving in a week or so, to a larger location. This will bring them from 6,000 sf to 10,000 sf of retial and game table goodness.

   Over all, I thought this was one of the best game stores I have been in for a long time. It reminds me a lot of Great Hall Games in Austin, TX, with the addition of a really good comic store. Plenty of game tables, lots of terrain for use, snacks available in store. Tons of minis, rules and everything else you generally need for minis wargaming. Lots of RPGs as well.

   The staff was very friendly. We talked about gaming and the various popular games in the area, how the gaming was in Houston, etc. I was even invited to play in the historical games they are having tonight, but I couldn't make it. I only ended up buying an Osprey that I needed for my FOW project (did I mention they have a LOT of Ospreys?) and a couple of bottles of Vallejo, since we are flying back home in a few days and I needed to keep it light.

   If we ever have to come back to Mayo CLinic, I will be sure to stop by there again.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Article on Skin Tones

[Repost from Victoria's Boys in Red]

    I have always had trouble with sknitones. While searching about on TMP, I found a reference to this article on the subject from Cool Mini or Not (CMON). It covers a wide variety with Vallejo paint references.

    I haven't used it yet, but I am ordering some paints to give the suggestions a shot.

Friday, March 2, 2012

In the Dawghouse Now...

  Yup, they tossed me into the hoosegow over on TMP for five days. Honestly, I didn't think what I said was such a biggie, but someone must have complained. But that is true of the last time I got sin binned, too, for cracking a joke about the French. Must have offended a frog eating surrender monkey that time.

  I should, perhaps, have known better than to wrestle with the pig. Ah well.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

CDC: Saint David's Day - A National Holiday

St. Daffyd's Cross

Caernarfon -- Today is March 1, the Feast of Saint Daffyd. Interim President Lewis, with the approval of the Welsh National Congress and the Anglican Bishops' Conference of Wales, has proclaimed the day henceforth to be a national holiday, with all government offices closed. Regular government services will be resumed tomorrow. Sadly, our armed forces will not be able to join their families on this celebratory day, as they must maintain their vigilant stance against the thugs in service to Moseby and the English monarch. It would be just like the Fascists to profane a holy day with a sneak attack against our sovereign nation.