Sunday, January 8, 2012

First post of the New Year

   Wow, another year come and gone. Not the greatest gaming year I have ever had, but not the worst, either. I didn't play as much as I wanted, nor paint as much as I wanted, for modeled as much as I wanted. So I guess I will start this year off with some gaming related plans/ hopes for the new year.

1) Finish up my VBCW Welsh Republican faction. It will require about ten more infantry purchased, and thirty painted. Plus I want a mortar and an AT-gun - maybe a 2-pdr portee? At least one more vehicle (civilian), too.

2) Get my 6mm WTNW game together. This is a priority, since I want to run it in February at OwlCon. The German side is essentially ready, and the figures are all here (I think/hope).

3) Base up my remaining Zulus. I have about 80 of these buggers in 15mm that only need basing finished to be table ready.

4) Finish my 15mm Early TYW German Imperial (Catholic) army for FoG Renaissance. THis project is about 50% done. I need to paint one tercio, finish one tercio and paint a battery of guns. Then I have a unit of skirmishers and one of dragoons and I think that is it.

5) Play more stuff with my sons. Battletech, VSF, boardgames, anything...

   I am sure there are more things I ought to add to this list. Painting up 15mm lizardmen, for instance. But I am thinking about outsourcing those to White Ape Painting Studios, so I don't know that they count here.