Saturday, August 11, 2018

Made it home from GenCon 2018

   Wow, what a trip. Almost 3,300 miles by car. Saw tons of neat stuff, had a great convention. Best part was spending most of that time with my 19-year-old son.

The Boy


Satine Phoenix

Gaurav Gulati

B. Dave Walters

Pathfinder Playtest Stream
Jason Buhlman, Diana Restrepo, and Jamie Mills

Lots of Great Cosplay

Joe Manganiello

We Must D&D

Wise Papa Grant

Pathfinder in the Paizo Ballroom
Jared, Clairet, Quigley, Kimbulton, Hope (l to r)

Cast of Dragons and Things, my DaT Family

Matthew Lillard

He-Man is no match for us! HA HA HA


Best Wizard Dog. He has a hat.

I 'borrowed' Krag's hammer

And food.