Monday, December 17, 2018

Plans for 2019

   As we near the end of another year, I think it's a good idea for me to look forward to the year to come. I am hoping that with a plan I will perhaps stay more focused and therefore be more successful in finishing some projects so that I can play the games!

   First is to finish off a project that I thought I already had done. That's the 15mm Spanish Civil War force that I built for Spain in Flames. I am doing the Nationalist Carlists, the requetes. What do I need to do to finish this up? Not too much, really.

  • Paint the Fiat Chirri biplane.
  • Paint about three platoon command bases for the machineguns, mortars, and AT guns
  • Consider a small armoured contingent, of perhaps three to five PzKW Is.
  • Get a few Mediterranean terrain pieces. Battlefront's Italian houses will work fine.

   The second project to work on is Frostgrave. I bought a couple of wizards in November of 2017. I just bought a box of the plastic soldiers.

  • Paint the wizards and apprentices. (4)
  • Assemble and paint the soldiers.(20)
  • Obtain and paint objective/treasure markers.
  • Obtain terrain. I have a little bit, but more is needed. This is probably the hardest task for this project, though I already have a battlemat from Cigar Box Battle Mats.

   The third new project is a SAGA 2 Viking force. I am going to just do 4 points this year.

  • Obtain and paint minis - about 25 
  • Obtain terrain. I'm thinking a few 4-Ground Viking buildings will fit the bill well.

   Next, I want to finish off my Soviet Team Yankee forces. It's pretty much all vehicles.

  • Finish 4x BDRMs
  • Finish BMP-1 OP
  • 10x BMP-2s
  • 3x DANA SP Guns
  • 3x Carnation or Acacias
  • 2x Shilka AAA
  • 4x SA-13 Gophers

   Then there are the few odds and ends for my Flames of War DAK and 8th Army...

  • 4x Light AA half tracks
  • 4x BOFORs 40mm
  • Some sort of extra tanks for the Brits. Crusaders, maybe.

   Finally, I want to get my VBCW forces into a game!

  • Terrain. Primary need for this to happen.

   Well, that's all. I think that's a pretty ambitious list for me, actually. I'm hoping to do the terrain as table ready as I can get it.