Thursday, January 31, 2008

31 January 2008

Good day sirs!

A simple update post tonight. I am keeping to the Pledge, even though I ordered some additional miniatures last night via difference engine. The good folks at Scale Creep have already informed me that my order has been placed in the post. I ordered Black Hat's Imperial Martians with Swords and Imperial Martian Command, totalling 32 figures. I probably should have gone ahead and ordered a fourth pack of the swordsmen. Oh well, an additional order will be forthcoming soon, I have little doubt.

Back to the Pledge. If you have never heard of this oath, it is a common enough thing on The Miniatures Page, a telephonic exchange board you can find here: The Pledge is simply this: I will not purchase more miniatures than I paint in 2008. The idea is to reduce the mountain of bare lead figures that haunt my gameroom.

The tally for this year so far is 40 15mm miniatures painted, including what I have done of the Emerald Legion so far. I have an additional 30 miniatures almost done, lacking only basing or basing and Magic Dip and a quick dust of matte clear coat. These are Stone Mountain Pathans, additional pavises, and some Old Glory British artillery crew. Need to finish their gun as well, so that I'll be ready to fire shrapnel at the Johnnies, what?

Well, until next month (ha!), I bid you a bloody war or a sickly season!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Emerald Legion Lives!

Well, at least a small part of it does. Here is a photostatic display of some 13 members of the Legion. The fellow in back, next to the guidon is definitely an officer of some sort, overlooking the battlefield.

Most of these Johnnies are armed with Martian copies of Earth-made breechloading rifles. Most of their fellows are not so lucky, and are armed with the "Martian Musket," a long-barreled smoothbore breechloader. But, these are Imperial Legion troops, after all! Some legionnaires are armed with halberds instead, to protect from cavalry charges, one supposes.

I believe the fellow with the sword and the yellow stripe through his helmet crest is some sort of sub-officer. A cornet, or a sergeant, perhaps?

Also, note the pavises, marked with a Martian sigil which stands for 'Emerald'. Quite important for battle on the wide open deserts of Mars, where there is virtually no indigenous cover.

The sigils on the banner read "Emerald Legion of Imperial Galfor." Well, its a loose translation, you know. My Martian isn't quite up to snuff, you know. Didn't teach it at Rugby, what?

More photostats will be placed in the scrapbooks as I get the chance. These gentlemen bring my total count up by another 11, even though technically they have a bit of work left to be done. A bit of ballast and static grass on the bases and a nice shot of matte clear coat to dull them down a bit. If you inclue the pavises, I have almost an additional 11 finished. More stuff is on the way,a s well, including Pathans and a couple of scenic items.

I feel an urge to convert something coming on. Perhaps if I lay down for a bit, the urge will pass.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Photostats of Slee-Stak

See below for the first time on Earth, a photostatic image of the fearsome Warchief Slee-Stak!

More images of this (still in progress) fierce warrior of the Venusian Lowland Rainforests can be found at this telephonic linkage:

Be warned! Its not for the faint of heart!

Well, actually, it probably wouldn't scare my maiden aunt. Of course, the old bird bagged a rhino once. On her 60th birthday. With a claspknife. A dull claspknife.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Venusian Troublemaker...

Chief Slee-Stak of the Viper Tribe is making trouble for me on the paint table. Specifically, his re-paint has taken far too much of my time today, and not much other work has been accomplished.

I know you will find it hard to believe that as dedicated a project worker as I could be distracted by anything, and yet I have allowed just that to happen. Rather than working diligently on the Emerald Legion, I spent hours today trying to finish up a tribe of Pathans and working my first 25/28mm mini of the year, Chief Slee-Stak. He's a large reptilian warrior mounted on an even larger raptor-like creature [GW's Saurus on Cold One]. I bought him via the telephonic web, from a popular auctioning house. He was already painted, by a young child, who did a less than complete job. I am re-painting him completely. Wish I had taken some 'before' shots. I'll post photostats once more work is completed, but he is resplendent in his black and red colors. Truly fearsome, and even larger than his smaller tribelizards [primarily old GW skinks], which come in a variety of colors.

I should get back to the Emerald Legion tomorrow evening or possibly Tuesday. I think that a good dozen could be ready by next Thursday's paint count update.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Martian Gun Photostat


Below, is a photostat of a typical Martian native gun team (Black Hat Miniatures). Although their guns are primitive, and the crew is next to naked, do not discount their potential. The guns are breechloading, with cartridges. The purpose of the 'rammer' crewman is unknown, although it is thought that his function is to swab the barrel from the breech. Also, as the carriage is capable of hovering above the ground, it is a highly mobile gun, capable of maintiaining a march pace with crewmen pulling it in relays.
Additional photostats of this weapon and other Martian natives can be found at the following telephonic difference web location:

Enjoy, and beware.

26 January 2008

A simple posting tonight.

I know I haven't put any pictures of the Martian artillery up yet. I'll do that in a few minutes, I suppose, so that I keep my promises. Always important to do that.

I've been working on painting the Emerald Legion, but progress is slow. I hope to have at least ten or so done by the end of next week, both guns and halberds. The Legion uses moderately primitive breechloading smoothbores. And there are no bayonets. That's why they have the polearms. In battle, they also use a set of pavises for cover on the open deserts of Mars.

I am also going to make a quick and easy flag holder. Its nothing more than a short piece of plastic tubing, glued to a base. The tubing will be concealed by flock and ballast. Then the flag staff of whatever flag I want can be inserted into it. I have a similar setup on my watchpost tower, so it can be held by any of the colonial or even native powers.

I am also going to try and finish the oasis terrain piece. To date, it is the most ambitious terrain I have ever made myself. I think it is coming out okay, but I definitely want to add some of the red sand I purchased at Michael's (a craft store chain) and more grass and ballast. It also needs to have its trees touched up from their out of the box (Pegasus Models) look to a slightly more realistic look. Flatter colors, a bit of depth to the bark and leaves via a quick drybrush. That sort of thing.

Oh, and if you are interested in zombies, check out the small tag under my photo on the right, the one that says 58% Zombie-proof. Click on it to get to a fun little quiz. I'd have scored better if I had more canned goods and less regard for the lives of my family members. Oh well. Off to Sam's Club to buy a few 5 gallon tins of black olives and chicken soup. And a box of Twinkies - guaranteed to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sir! The Johnnies have Guns!

Well, at least one gun. I've finished painting a native Martian cannon on a floating platform. Highly maneuverable, I believe the 'carriage' is constructed of liftwood. At any rate, it moves as quickly as the crew, since it simply floats above the terrain. How they manage the gun's recoil is beyond me, I'm afraid. Probably a matter for those Foreign Office chaps who ask questions, what?

And the gunners themselves! Fairly naked! Mean to say, it gets dashed hot working a gun, but its simply indecent. Thank God we'll never see the like in the Army!

The miniatures are from Black Hat, as usual when it comes to my 15/18mm Martians. I really like their sculpts. I've a birthday coming up and I'll be asking for more of them. I'll post a picture or two when I get a chance. As usual, they'll be in the photostatic scrapbook.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The War Banner of the Galforrian Emerald Legion...


The following image has been known to strike terror in even the stoutest of red Martian breasts. I give you, the dreaded war banner of the Galforrian Emerald Legion!

Notice how the end of what we would think of as a normal triangular pennant has been mercilessly lopped off. According to Martian sources, this is an indication of what can be expected for all who oppose the Galforrian Legions. Naturally, this emerald green banner is that of the infamous Emerald Legion, responsible for the tragic events at Gurswalla Station and the Hodeedoe Mine. Oh, the depravity of these fiends in red skin! Their savagery bears witness to the need for civilised Earth nations such as Old Blighty to take a hand in their affairs until they can more decently conduct themselves. Why, even the nefarious French or Huns would be better neighbours than these brutes!
Naturally, I shall keep my faithful readers informed should these villains be sighted! And as soon as I can get a couple of dozen more painted, they'll be sighted, I assure you. Shouldn't take but a few weeks at this rate.
Until then, good friends, as our somewhat uncouth friends from the Republic of Texas like to say, "See y'all later."

Monday, January 21, 2008

Flags Flying High!

Well, I think I have a winner in the flag department, at least for now.

The design was given to me, essentially, by a truly decent chap and fellow TMPlar, who goes by the mysterious nom de plume of Grognard. You can see the banner in all its glory above. Please, leave comments on it.

I managed a bit of painting today as well, as I had a holiday from work today. God bless the three day weekend. Mostly just got some touch-ups done, and a bit of basing. I have started my British lancers, since I have the askaris done.

Speaking of those native troops, I consider that the term 'askari' sounds a bit like what the Hun might call his colonial troops. Perhaps I should substitute the more Britannic sounding 'sepoy' for them, what? Again, your input on this weighty matter is, of course, most welcome. Perhaps a new poll?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bits of Cloth, For Which Men Die

Well, I've broken out the Prismacolor pencils and started sketching up a few banners for the Martians and the British Crown Colony. You can dig them up if you look under the 15mm VSF scarpbook, then look in the Banners sub-album. Personally, I prefer the Mars Colony 2 banner. It has been suggested that the symbol for Mars, although classical, might be a bit too... masculine(?) for Victorian sensibilities.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Askaris at Last!

A full platoon of the First Albertport Native Foot has been finished. Lieutenant Geoffrey Higgildy and Sergeant Buchsley have 18 Martians trained and ready for battle. Electrostatic phototypes can be seen in the scrapbook now, in the Martian section of the 15mm VSF Album.

All that is left is a bit of basing and a custom flag for the colonial unit. Still working on that design.

But, this means I can finally officially update my painting log, as well!

Just a quick note tonight. The hour grows late and my eyes are weary.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Paint to Brush at Last!

Today I finally held a paintbrush in my hand for the first time this year. Nothing earthshaking, but still! I may actually get to update my minis painted count this weekend! And I will include photos for you all, of course, in my scrapbook.

All I did was brush on some MinWax, to be honest. I had tried at the very end of December to use Kel's Magic Sauce (Brown) to shade my Martian askaris, and was not best pleased with the results - just not enough depth, I guess. Multiple coats may have done the trick, but I am in a bit of a hurry. I want some Martians ready to die for Her Majesty! I am already happier with the MinWax 'Magic Dip" result. Bit of a misnomer, that, as I didn't actually 'dip' the figures, but brushed the stuff on with an old large brush.

I am quite excited, though. My next quandry is the unit flag. I am thinking something squarish, with a canton on the upper left (fixed-edge) quarter showing the Union flag, and the rest some sort of Johnny Martian rubbish. It's the Johnny Martian rubbish I am unsure of. Any suggestions? I'll take the question to TMP as well.

That's all for tonight. The memsahib demands I spend time with our progeny. Something about developing self-esteem or somesuch nonsense. She probably read about it in some book. Alienist drivel, I say! Rotting the Empire! High time the lads were sent to Rugby, what?

Until next time, esteemed colleagues, I remain your humble journalist.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Oi! Its only been four days!

In the words of that MacArthur chap, "I have returned." Hmph. As if we wouldn't have known he returned, waht with all the film crews taping his wading ashore scene for the newsreels of the world. Man's an egomaniac, what?

Quite little to say on the gaming front. Thanks to a bout of illness, haven't been up and out to get any work done on anything. Hard to paint with a hacking cough, what? I am tempted to some zombie-blasting fun thanks to having read the excellent World War Z by Max Brooks over the weekend. Can you imagine redcoats dealing with these undead horrors?

Sergeant Bourne (to well-dressed zombie): "Right then, be a proper gentleman and put the vicar down, sir."
Private 116 Jones: "Oh, look Sergeant! 'E's gone and bitten the vicar!"
Sergeant Bourne (to soldiers): "That's two rounds rapid for you lot, then. And if you don't remember to aim for the head this time, I'll have you in front of the Colonel, I will!"

Now all I need are Victorian-era zombie figures. In 15mm. Or even some good Victorian civilians to zombify. I wonder if Ded Bob would be available to help with that?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din

Greetings after a lengthy absence. It would be ever so much easier to keep up with this had I access to the telephonic journal through my workplace difference engine. Alas, some hooligans have ruined that for all, by abusing a privilege. Oh well, I soldier on in the evenings at my home.

We had a bit of family time at the household tonight. We watched a thrilling moving picture based upon a poem by that Kipling fellow, titled "Gunga Din." Good stuff, that. Shows what three properly motivated sergeants in Her Imperial Majesty's forces can do when outnumbered by a bunch of shifty Thuggee. Even if they only wore red at the party and kharkee in the field. The lads found it exhilarating, I must say. Its proud of them I am, I assure you all.

In painting matters, I have been as lax as in journaling so far this year. I touched brush to paint (or more correctly, brush to ink wash) exactly once this week, for all of about ten minutes. I applied some of the brown Kel's Magic Sauce (now sold by Didi of the - nice folks!). However, I wasn't really happy with the result, so I believe I will go on with the MinWax I used on some of the other Martian askaris. These lads are taking simply forever to finish.

We are looking forward to the weekend. A game of Wings of War is planned for the boys and myself, complete with miniatures for that Hun von Richthofen and the Yank Rickenbacker. Coming soon to the Houston area, we shall have a mini-con at Little Wars. Its next weekend, I think.

Finally, for those of you who have been enjoying the alternate history of the Republic of Texas, an update has been made earlier this week. I hope you caught it, though many of the revisions were minor. Work has continued on the document. I have been adding some sporting news to it, from ideas originated by my co-conspirator, Jim Stewart about rugby in the Republic. There is also a good dose of Olympic sport being added, so it isn't all war and politics. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

That's all for tonight, I am afraid. The youngest needs tucking in after his insulin injection, and the eldest as well (past his bedtime, the little blighter!).