Friday, February 28, 2020

What Have I Been Up To?

   Personally, I have been dealing with treatment for Major Depression Disorder and ADD. After many years of denial. Meds and therapy are helping. A lot. Please don't be dumb like me - go get help if you even think you need it.

  Hobby-wise, I have been into Gaslands and KillTeam lately. Lots of terrain painted, and some more cars. Painted up the starter box for KillTeam for my sons, so a few Primaris Reaver Space Marines and some Tau Fire Warriors. Working on my own team of Genestealer Cultists because I have wanted to play them since they first appeared in White Dwarf in 1989 or so. Played some Team Yankee, and some Flames of War v.4. Have almost completed a Starfinder campaign (Against the Aeon Throne AP) that I am GMing. I play in an online Starfinder game, too. Played a big OGRE game in November. Finished up a couple of airships, but need to build stands for them. Though that has been designed.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Gaslands and Kill Team

Those are the two projects I am spending my time on right now.

Oh, and I am doing fine, just incredibly busy. Dealing with a lot of things, but its improving, if you are worried about me. And if you are, well... thanks. I appreciate it.