Friday, November 23, 2018

Ion Age War Mecha "Arcus" Magog

   Okay, I am on the cusp of ordering one of these. I just love the rocket pods. From the Ion Age line, and you can find them here. They've a good sale with it right now as well, if you hurry before 27 November, I think.

Monday, November 12, 2018

A Note on the OGRE vehicles

   Really quick - an old friend of mine, Tim Harrison '94, asked me about how I did the numbers.

   I cheated.

  6mm (1:285 if you prefer) Micro Armour decals. These are German turret numbers. I also use 1:300 scale aircraft decals for some national markers, like the Combine Canadian GEV company or the Paneuropean Swedish Armour company I have painted.

   Speaking of the Canadians, I finally have their Light GEV elements on the paint table. I think I am going to do them as a single larger squadron of six, maybe. I have seven right now. I might paint the last one up as a scout/observer for the 301st Armour (that's the black with yellow group).

Saturday, November 10, 2018

New OGRE units almost done

So this is part of what I have been trying to finish off. Six Combine Heavyy Tanks, a pair of Superheavies, and a trio/battery of Mobile Howitzers.

All painted to be part of the 301st Armoured, 1st Battalion. Heavy Tanks in Number 1 Company, Super heavy in Number 3 Company, and SP howitzers in Number 6 Company. I may one day fill in Number 2 Company with more Heavy and Number 4 Company with Light Tanks. Number 5 Company is Mechanized Infantry, of course. And that makes a nice Combined Arms Battalion design. It would be kinda cool to field an organized battalion.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Skipping MillenniumCon This Year

   I won't be there this weekend in Round Rock. Life gets in the way sometimes, and I have a ton of research papers to finish grading. But it was a good convention last year and I think worth the time for folks to attend.

   I have been getting a few things finished up. The biggest deal is that I finished up enough Afrika Korps infantry to field a full Africa Rifle Company for Flames of War v4. That's a Company HQ consisting of two HQ stands; two platoons of four infantry stands, a 2.8cm AT gun stand, an sMG42 stand, and 8cm mortar stand; and a 5cm Tank Hunter Platoon of three PaK38 stands.  And that means I can field both sides!

The full company required to make a formation in FOW v4