Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A few things I am not sure I have shared yet...

A Wold Guardian for Hordes

A Mutated Plant Man for Doctor Vardu
(Actually Reaper Bones)

Another Hordes figure, the Blackhide Wrastler
He is a mutate of Vardu for VSF - or will be one day!

Friday, November 6, 2015

More Napoleonic Photos

Just eye candy. We played this game about three weeks ago and I am just now getting around to downloading the photos from my phone. French v. Russians.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pictures from D&D

Chris, our druid, drinking Dr Pepper with a straw through a skull mask.

Because Dungeons and Dragons.

PLA v. Terminators: Gruntz!

The Battlefield: An Industrial Sector. Preparatory bombardment has damaged several buildings and vehicles. PLA troop transport vehicles are immobilized (no points value).

Turn 1: PLA troops stoically await the advancing mechanical murderers.

Turn 2: a flurry of surprisingly effective rifle fire and some good work by the mortar crews have thinned the T-800 ranks a bit.

Three Termies down. The remainder of the soulless killers ignore their losses.

Turn 3: After taking the brunt of a pair of T-800s' plasma fire, a much reduced squad goes into Condition Brown and fall back to regroup and change their shorts.
Note the yellow chicken token. I love that token.

Each skull represents a former PLA trooper in the squad that fled.

Turn 4: The T-800s manage to hack the electronic brains of the security robots at the plant, who turn on their human masters!
We handled this as a test of Skill versus Mental.

 Turn 4: Autocannon fire from the PLA Type 95 mecha chews up two more Termies.

Turn 5: One mortar team destroyed (Skull marker) on the PLA right flank. The hover support team advances at a walk.

Turn 5: PLA NCOs re-establish the control link over the security bots and move them against the T-800s. The combined fire of an entire squad takes down another T-800.

Turn 6: Rifle Team Two concentrates its fire on a robot in the ruins. The support team will take out the T-800 advancing under cover beyond the ruined structure.

Turn 7: The Type 95 corners another Terminator, and savages it with automatic fire, bringing down the last of the dreadful things.

   So, another outpost of humanity saved, though I think Zach is getting far too comfortable with his T-800s for my peace of mind. Only massive overwhelming numbers saved the day for the People's Liberation Army.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Another Scibor Bear

   Scibor has made another sort of bear riders. It's probably been out there for a while - I haven't been to their site in ages (shame on me). However, I found them today and knew I had to share the bear. They even have more than one version...




   They are in the 28mm Celtic SF Warrior line. You can go see them here.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Closeup T-800s

   My buddy Zach finally finished up a few things, including his 15mm Terminators and some Soviet trucks (also 15mm). He thought I needed some more content for the blog (which, honestly, is probably true - I've been quiet) so he passed them along for me to post. Here they are:

Rebel Minis "The Scourge" 21 to a pack.

Sprayed Krylon black.
Dry brush Vallejo Game Color silver, red eyes.
Black ink wash.
Second drybrush of silver.

Bases are 5/8" fender washers. A bit of grit, painted black, then drybrush some black grey.
Makes a nice ash-waste/post-apoc base.

Soviet trucks, Battlefront
Krylon black undercoat, Vallejo Russian Green.
GW Agrax Earthshade wash.
Drybrush lightly in Russian Green again.

   Some nice looking models there. We are still tweaking the T-800s for Gruntz, but we are pretty close, I think.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Photos of Ligny in 15mm

   This game was played on Saturday, September 18th. However, thanks to certain technical difficulties, I am just now able to post these photos.

The town of Ligny.

French advance through Ligny

Prussian defense of the center

French cavalry on the bridge about to have a bad day.

A fierce defense of the wood, with charge and counter-charge.
Three times the Prussians cleared the woods of the French before being forced back.

French skirmishers keep up a galling fire (and screen)

Those dratted skirmishers!
I'm not entirely familiar with the rules, so on advice of the author,
I didn't advance my own formed infantry to scatter the skirmishers.
Probably should have brought up some cavalry to do it for me.

Prussian dragoons and hussars advance on the flank!

   The Clear Lake Area Wargamers' Society is playing out the Waterloo campaign in 15mm this fall, in honor of the 200th anniversary. It will consist of four battles. Success or failure at any previous battle may have consequences for future battles.

   Thankfully, I believe this one came out a draw, with a close to historical result. For the Allied side (mine), that means we don't lose anything later in the campaign. Sadly, it also means that we didn't harm the French too badly yet.

For rules, we used Honor and Courage. The rules have been 25 years in the writing, in large part by a member of our group, Tom Lytle.