Monday, September 12, 2016

Habemus Hab Domes!

   So it was more like a month than a week. I've been busy. Gimme a break...

   But here they are, with the change of color scheme (it's not huge, but it's there). One slightly more obvious thing I did was swap color codes for Security and Mechanicals. So now Security domes are red, and Mechanicals are yellow.

   The fact that I don't actually have a security dome yet is in no way concerning to the inhabitants of the colony.

The lettering leaves a bit to be desired. I thought about making neat signs to attach.
Then I didn't do that and just painted it.

   I will try to get a shot of the whole layout as it stands now. Maybe tomorrow. It has been nice breaking out the brushes again, though.

1 comment:

Don M said...

I like them J, as for the lettering hell it's a colony with a low budget....)