Monday, February 5, 2018

More Pledge Trouble

Still not too bad - I just got four Reaper Bones figures while I was in Austin last week.

Of course, I haven't painted anything yet this year...

New Game Room on the Horizon!

We bought a new home last month (yay!), and will be moving out of our small-ish apartment soon (double yay!). One of the great things about this house (besides not having an upstairs neighbour who, though a petite young lady sounds as if she's training Clydesdales over our heads as she moves around her apartment) is that I will have a truly, obscenely large game room over the garage.

How big? Well, it's irregularly shaped, but the longest length is just shy of 37 feet (about 11-12 meters) and the widest point is about 22 feet (7-ish meters). Big. And already carpeted and drywalled and painted. Even has some built in shelves. Happiness.

I am taking photos, but it's mostly a big empty room right now while we finish some updating and remodeling of the living areas. I promise to share as it gets completed.