Friday, November 6, 2015

More Napoleonic Photos

Just eye candy. We played this game about three weeks ago and I am just now getting around to downloading the photos from my phone. French v. Russians.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pictures from D&D

Chris, our druid, drinking Dr Pepper with a straw through a skull mask.

Because Dungeons and Dragons.

PLA v. Terminators: Gruntz!

The Battlefield: An Industrial Sector. Preparatory bombardment has damaged several buildings and vehicles. PLA troop transport vehicles are immobilized (no points value).

Turn 1: PLA troops stoically await the advancing mechanical murderers.

Turn 2: a flurry of surprisingly effective rifle fire and some good work by the mortar crews have thinned the T-800 ranks a bit.

Three Termies down. The remainder of the soulless killers ignore their losses.

Turn 3: After taking the brunt of a pair of T-800s' plasma fire, a much reduced squad goes into Condition Brown and fall back to regroup and change their shorts.
Note the yellow chicken token. I love that token.

Each skull represents a former PLA trooper in the squad that fled.

Turn 4: The T-800s manage to hack the electronic brains of the security robots at the plant, who turn on their human masters!
We handled this as a test of Skill versus Mental.

 Turn 4: Autocannon fire from the PLA Type 95 mecha chews up two more Termies.

Turn 5: One mortar team destroyed (Skull marker) on the PLA right flank. The hover support team advances at a walk.

Turn 5: PLA NCOs re-establish the control link over the security bots and move them against the T-800s. The combined fire of an entire squad takes down another T-800.

Turn 6: Rifle Team Two concentrates its fire on a robot in the ruins. The support team will take out the T-800 advancing under cover beyond the ruined structure.

Turn 7: The Type 95 corners another Terminator, and savages it with automatic fire, bringing down the last of the dreadful things.

   So, another outpost of humanity saved, though I think Zach is getting far too comfortable with his T-800s for my peace of mind. Only massive overwhelming numbers saved the day for the People's Liberation Army.