Saturday, October 24, 2015

Another Scibor Bear

   Scibor has made another sort of bear riders. It's probably been out there for a while - I haven't been to their site in ages (shame on me). However, I found them today and knew I had to share the bear. They even have more than one version...




   They are in the 28mm Celtic SF Warrior line. You can go see them here.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Closeup T-800s

   My buddy Zach finally finished up a few things, including his 15mm Terminators and some Soviet trucks (also 15mm). He thought I needed some more content for the blog (which, honestly, is probably true - I've been quiet) so he passed them along for me to post. Here they are:

Rebel Minis "The Scourge" 21 to a pack.

Sprayed Krylon black.
Dry brush Vallejo Game Color silver, red eyes.
Black ink wash.
Second drybrush of silver.

Bases are 5/8" fender washers. A bit of grit, painted black, then drybrush some black grey.
Makes a nice ash-waste/post-apoc base.

Soviet trucks, Battlefront
Krylon black undercoat, Vallejo Russian Green.
GW Agrax Earthshade wash.
Drybrush lightly in Russian Green again.

   Some nice looking models there. We are still tweaking the T-800s for Gruntz, but we are pretty close, I think.