Monday, April 22, 2019

Weekend Gaming Update 4/22/2019

   Friday night watched a great episode of Dragons and Things on Twitch while I painted minis. I don't think I have mentioned Dragons and Things here, which is a shame. It's a live play stream of a bunch of crazy people playing Pathfinder. It's a lot of fun, and they interact a lot with the viewers, which is what drew me to it so much in the first place. Anyway, from 6:00-10:00 Pacific that's what I am usually doing (which is 8 to midnight for me).

   Played a game of Infinity with my buddy Zach and his son. Went to a local-ish game store to play, Montag's Games. I ought to do a Store Report on them, but I may have already. They've just moved into a new space, though, so it may be time for an update.

   I finished the following minis over the weekend:

Reaper Bones Mechanical Monkeys
These are destined to serve Otto Maton if he ever reappears...

 Reaper Bones village woman with her rugrats.

 Frostgrave Soldiers (Archer and Infantryman)
These are painted for the witch, specifically, but could be used for anyone really

More Frostgrave Soldiers (Tracker and Man-at-Arms)
More Frostgrave terrain

Closer up

So, knocking a few things out. Which is good, considering what's on the way soon...

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Pledge Update - I need a 12 Step Program...

   Well, it's about a third of the way through the year and I am not doing too badly on the Pledge for this year.

   What the heck is "The Pledge" you ask? It's a promise to do my best to paint more minis than I actually receive in a year. I usually don't do very well at it. This year has been pretty good so far, especially in the matter of terrain pieces.

   But that is about to take a MAJOR hit. You see, about 18 months ago I backed this little Kickstarter for Reaper Bones. And, um, well... I have a couple of hundred or so minis that are going to arrive any time now. Those pieces are not yet figured into the Pledge Count - I only count things that I actually receive in to my hands in a year.

This will be arriving:


  • Infantry: 113
  • Monsters: 15
  • Vehicles: 1
  • Terrain: 34


  • Infantry: 24
  • Monsters: 10
  • Vehicles: 0
  • Terrain: 2


  • Snake Cultists (Infantry): 6
  • Ape Attack (Infantry?): 3
  • Hill Giants (Monsters): 2
  • King of the Jungle (Monster): 1
  • Frost Giant Raiders (Monsters): 3

   That's a total haul of 146 "Infantry," 31 Monsters, 36 pieces of Terrain, and one Vehicle (a pig-drawn pumpkin cart). Some I will probably try to resell, as I am not interested in all of it. But even so, that's a LOT of minis. And they really don't work much for most of my wargaming needs. THey do help with a lot of RPG needs though.

   And I really wish I had bought more, honestly. The Fire Giant Huntsman, Hill Giant Hunter and Dire Lion, Blacktooth Terror, Mossbeard Treeman, and the Darkreach Expansion...

   I may have a problem. Is there a 12 Step Program for this?

Sunday, April 14, 2019

So Much Terrain!

   I have been working fairly consistently on terrain the last couple of weeks in my limited hobby painting time. The results are a fair bit of work done on Frostgrave terrain and a few random pieces as well. That would, of course, include finishing up those minefields for Team Yankee that I showed off a few posts back.

   So here are a few photos of what I have managed to accomplish:

These are supposed to be bases but I thought they would look good as ruined scatter terrain.

An experiment in bamboo stands and some additional small trees.
I should do a few trees up as Frostgrave bushes I think.

The largest piece of Frostgrave terrain I have. It gives a bit of a third dimension to
the battlefield, which it desperately needs. I need a tower, too.

A harmless statue, or a devastating golem?

Another statue? And yet another ruined wall... are there no buildings still standing?

More tombstones (I think I will sell some on eBay)
Also, a trio of beer barrels. Because beer.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Finished Ice Troll

   The big guy is done and ready to terrify the invaders of the lost frozen city...

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Finished Minefields

 Here's the finished product: a regulation size minefield for Team Yankee.

With the token, on a Cigar Box Battle Mat

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Ice Troll

First base coat of Turqouise
And a really bad photo

Skin getting there - I think I only did one or two more highlights

Skin done. Work on the boulder, the teeth and claws

Also some work on the loincloth.

   This is a Reaper Bones mini, like many of the others I have been painting lately. I like the Bones line because I think you get a good mini at a really nice price, especially for the larger guys like this troll. He's almost finished, I hope to share a photo of him in a few days.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

1000 Posts

   Well, it only took a decade or so... but this is the 1,000th post on my blog.  Should I do a giveaway? I think I ought to do a giveaway. Maybe some dice? Or a mini? What do you think? Comment below with what you think I should use for the giveaway, and that will be your entry into the giveaway!

   I am giving away some dice on my Twitter feed if you follow that, too... @JWomackKingGeek

A Bit of Work

   A few things I finished off recently, mostly things for Frostgrave

A neat little cottage, one of the few not ruined

A long forgotten king?

Witch for Frostgrave

The Witch's Apprentice

Old GW Trollslayer

Frostgrave ruins. I used GW's Valhallan Blizzard on the snow.