Friday, July 17, 2015

More Indian Support

   I finally got around to finishing up the last two mortar teams for my Indian infantry company support. And here's the picture:

   Wow... blurrier than I thought. I think they look better in person. I hope so.

   I'm off at Historicon when this posts. Thought a historical post would be a good idea. Prepping the post at almost 0200 isn't though.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Greetings from Virginia

   I am currently attending the Historicon convention in Fredericksburg Virginia. My younger son and I are having a great deal of fun so far. in my first game I came in third place in a big race. Dane unfortunately did not fare so well in his first game losing his James Bond type spy to dastardly enemy attacks.

   I would love to attach a few pictures of my first game at this point but, I am posting this from my phone and it will not let me attach photos. So you'll just have to wait for those.

Monday, July 13, 2015

PLA Infantry

   Closeups of the faceless armoured masses of the People's Liberation Army.

A better view of the chopper.
Converted Matchbox, with Stan Johansen turret under fuselage.

Common PLA conscript trooper

Another trooper, and a closeup of the support drone

PLA Mortar team.

PLA elite 'Redcap' trooper

   The People's Liberation Army are my 'other' human force, besides the FedArms troops of the Corporate Federation. Mostly conscripts, and not very good. The Redcaps, however, are quite good in Gruntz terms, being volunteers and combat veterans.

   I will be out of town the end of the week and this coming weekend, attending Historicon and spending a great deal of hard-earned money on more toys. I will try to schedule at least one post for while I am gone in order to keep up the current strong posting schedule...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Small Soliders - Fight! Win!: Khurasan 15mm Federal Sci-Fi Vehicles

Small Soliders - Fight! Win!: Khurasan 15mm Federal Sci-Fi Vehicles: Well, this week I finally got around to finishing my Khurasan Federal vehicles for one of my 15mm sci fi forces.  I have had these for about...

More FedArms Forces

   Some more of my growing FedArms forces. I think I have posted shots of the battlesuit and maybe the Adder hover tank before. These have had decals added.

   All vehicles will have the green and gold leaf badge and the "74" badge. I've decided the leaf is the regimental insignia, and the "74" is the regimental number for my forces, the 74th Regimental Combat Team (RCT).

Havelock Anti-Tank Battlesuit
(The Ion Age)



Polecat Mk. III (AT)

Polecat Mk. I (C3)

   There is a third Polecat variant, with a twin MG turret, but the photo I took of it was far too blurry to use, really. It's the Mk. II, obviously.

Artillery F/O Drone

Adder Mk. I Light AFV
(Ion Age)

   The Adder has a cousin waiting a replacement part from the UK. I misplaced the railgun for it. It will be the Mk. II Light AFV (AT). It's painted and decaled. Just need the gun...

   Some of the photos are much better than the others. I'm a crap photographer. Sorry about that.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

FedArms 'Goanna' Tank

   Another of Khurasan's pieces. This is the Thrainite 'Goanna' tank. Here it is in use by the FedArms Corporation. You can just see the regimental badge on the rear - 74th RCT.

I'm currently waiting on Khurasan to send me the vehicle crewmen I ordered two weeks ago. Grumble grumble grumble.

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Wooster 9000

   A nice and conservative plum-coloured sedan for the discriminating gentleman. Notice how the grav-plate's housing complements the window tint? Sir has impeccable taste, if I may say so.

Felid Invasion

   What ho, chums?

   I've been a bit busy painting away, slopping on a bit of paint with a tiny patch of squirrel hair on a stick. The victims of my intentions this time around are a batch of Khurasan Miniatures' 15mm Felids.

Mortar and Operator/FO
I am trying to figure out how to do an F/O for Gruntz. Any ideas?

Light infantry. Squad leader (left) and Squad Support Weapon (right)

Heavy Infantry. Laser rifles (regular troops)
I'm giving them Active Camo as a Perk. (well, all the Felids)

Heavy A/T Gunner. Medium Plasma Gun.

Felid Baron.

And a sample Gruntz card, made using Gruntz Barracks:

Friday, July 3, 2015

Sci Fi Civvie Vehicles

   Dirty civilians, leaving their stuff all over the place... well, at least they provide some cover, right?

In the center of frame, the blue grav car.

The Auger, an industrial vehicle.
Also, some of my old Car Wars cars. Need to get back to that...

A grav taxi, from CheckerGrav

Front end loader and forklift, more industrials.

The mad chaos of the tray table that is my painting surface these days.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

People's Liberation Army Vehicles

   The main human adversary for FedArms Corporation is the People's Liberation Army of the Greater Asian Hegemony. This is essentially quasi-Communist China after they've conquered the rest of east Asia except for Japan (a member of the Corporate Federation).

   You've seen their elite troops already, the Redcaps. Here is a selection of their vehicles.

Two Patrol Vehicles and Heavy Weapons Drones
Drones from Khurasan; Trucks are Hot Wheels

Another shot of the Patrol Vehicles

An aerial asset, a laser-armed helicopter. The laser is in a housing under the chopper.
Repainted Matchbox with a turret from the bits box.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The World According to Gruntz

   This is not the Official Gruntz Helioscape Map.

   No, this is a map I did up last night to illustrate the major power blocs of Earth in the wake of several future history events:

  • The Jihad - established the Caliphate State
  • The Incorporation - established the Corporate Federation
  • The Tsarist Restoration - established the New Russian Empire
  • The Paris-Berlin Agreement - reorganized the European Union into Paneuropa
  • The Great Asian War - expanded China, created the Great East Asia Hegemony and the South Asian Alliance
  • The Grande Guerra da Unificacao (Great Unification War) - created the South American Confederation
  • The African Wildfire - created the Pan African Union

So, the key:

  • Gold/Yellow: Corporate Federation
  • Pink: Paneuropa
  • Purple: Kingdom of Greater Colombia
  • Light Green: South American Confederation
  • Dark Green: Islamic Caliphate State
  • Brown: Pan African Union
  • Red: Great East Asia Hegemony
  • Orange: South Asian Alliance
  • Light Blue: New Russian Empire
  • Gray: Switzerland

FedArms Corporate Troops

FedArms Security Solutions...

...when you absolutely, positively, have to kill every dirty grokking chi-wua-ne on the planet, accept no substitutes.

   Here's the corporate state troop force that I am building for Gruntz. I'm calling them FedArms, a megacorporation that contracts out military services to the Corporate Federation. Not all of them are dirty, ruthless mercenaries. Some are quite reliable and restrained mercenaries who would never violate rules of war or a contract's stipulations. After all, that's bad for business.

The MBT. Khurasan, the Thrainite one whose name I can never remember. Goanna?

The first painted infantry squad.
Khurasan Federal Army troops. Yeah, my name isn't very imaginative.

The armored battlesuit in the background also belongs to this faction.
It's an Ion Age Havelock Suit with railgun.