Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Empire Paints Back

   Okay, it is only a moderately clever title. But I have been painting again, last week mostly. The work has been aimed at the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Empire army I started about two years ago for my sons. The army is a mix of Talabheim and Talabecland troops, with some random extras thrown in. I finished up the Kislevite horse archers and flagellants last year, and the start of two units of state troops (swords and halberds).

   I finished up another five swordsmen, and ordered the remainder. These are Talabecland troops, in yellow and red. I finished the Warrior Priest of Sigmar a couple of months back, as well, which lets me field the flagellants. I also finally finished the two crewmen I had for the Great Cannon, so that is ready for the field. I am painting up a powder monkey to act as the third crewman for now. I am almost finished with the Talabheim halberdiers, as well. Five more are about 90% done. I need to re-do the banner for that unit, since it is a Reikland banner, but that is a pretty easy fix. The rest of the unit of 20 are on order as well.

   On the table right now are the powder monkey, a champion (for the soon to start Talabecland Spears), and a unit of Talabheim handgunners. Plus odds and ends of other projects.

   One problem I have is that the halberds and swordsmen I have are of an older plastic pattern, and the spearmen and the last fillers are of the newer sculpts. Not a huge deal for the swordsmen, but the 2006 sprues for state troops are a lot different from the spearmen and halberdiers, especially in how they hold their weapons and all the feathers! Feathers snip off easily enough, but re-positioning the arms and hands for the halberdiers is not. May have to hit eBay for more of the older ones.