Tuesday, May 31, 2011


   So, here it is, the long awaited (and finished a month ago) TARDIS in 6mm. It still needs a Doctor and maybe a K9 or some other companion for out front, but fun anyway.

Monday, May 30, 2011

More Renaissance, and a Tournament's Results

   Work continues on my Thirty Years War army for Field of Glory Renaissance. The army is technically "Early German Catholic," but could be most any except for the banners. All of the figures are Old Glory.

Two field guns. Notice Zed in the background?

   I also took part in my first Field of Glory Ancients tournament. This was at Comicpalooza, here in Houston - a few pictures of which will be on my other blog, Victoria's Boys in Red, as they are mostly steampunk in nature. Anyway, I spent all day Saturday playing three games, using my friend Gerald's Komenan Byzantine army. My record was 1 - 2, for a 7th place finish out of eight players.

   I'll never play in another tournament. I hate the way people play in them. "I don't want to do this, but I'm going to anyway." I must have heard that a half dozen times. What a crock. If you don't want to do it, don't. If you are going to do something brutal, just do it and don't think you are going to excuse it with some meaningless words. Just like "In all due respect..." right before you say something incredibly disrespectful.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Quick Note

   Sorry its been so long since last post. Things have been hectic.

   Anyway, I got in some goodies from eBay. More Mage Knight figs to be converted into VSF figures, and some gnolls for D&D, mainly.

   I've painted a little (need to update the log, adding 13 15mm figures). I finished up a battlegroup (battery) of medium field guns for Field of Glory Renaissance, and the command stand for the late tercio infantry regiment. I'll work on pics tomorrow maybe.

   Ordered some 15mm banners for Thirty Years War (Imperials) from a fellow in the UK. I'll review them when I see them, but one cool thing was I received an email asking about the length of the flagstaffs. He is offering to individually scale the banner for the staff length as needed. Pretty cool.

   Still working on the 15mm TARDIS. The 6mm one is done; again, I'll try to get pics soon.

   One last thing: I have put the last of the Praetorian riflemen on my painting table for the final stages of that particular unit of VSF troops. Not a lot to do on them, but I just want to get them done. Maybe next week I can finally call that unit "finished."

   Still alive, still kicking, just not as hard as I want to be.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Conflict on Mars!

   The first supplement to When the Navy Walked is now available as a PDF from Wargames Vault. Entitled When the Navy Walked: Conflict on Mars!, the new book adds details on the setting, some new rules for aerial combat and weather, two new unit types (Creatures and Behemoths), additional races, new scenarios, more armies and new Edges and Flaws that can be used in any game of When the Navy Walked... That's an awful lot of stuff to pack into one book!

   I am the editor for this product (as well as the second edition of the Core Rules), and honestly, I think we did an even better job with this first supplement than the Core Rules. Not that there was anything really wrong with the Core Rules! But, I keep noticing minor imperfections that just make my editor's soul cringe. I haven't gotten my copy of the final product of Conflict on Mars!, with art and everything in it yet, but I have seen a few peeks and previews of it, and it should be a great product.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Infection 1, Me Nil

   I feel like something you would scrape off your shoe after walking through a particularly foetid stretch of sewer tunnel while being chased by the living dead. Something so nasty that - even though you're being pursued by flesh-eating zombies - you take a moment to notice just how gross it is. Heck, something that the ghoulish monstrosities themselves would moan about if presented with it.

   That's pretty bad.

   Took two days off work last week. Spent most of weekend in bed. Went to work today. Mistake. Yes, I have been to the doctor - that was last Thursday. Still feel horrible. But I actually think i am on the mend. After all, I got up the gumption to post for the first time in days. I haven't even checked my email yet. And the last post was actually created before I got to feeling poorly, and scheduled for later release so as not to conflict with other posts. I usually try to only put in one post a day.

  Anyway, I'm not dead yet. But I sure do feel like I have been through a wringer. Thanks for lisstening to me whinge and explain why I haven't been doing much of a much.

Friday, May 6, 2011

One Regiment of Foote Down.

   Only about four more to go. Plus dragoons, and artillery. I may do the artillery bases next (only have four of those), just for a change. Could use some limbers to go with, as well. Need to check and see if there is one available.

   I also have some cavalry done, but I didn't do the painting on them. My friend Tom did the honors. I just based them up. There is a BG of 4 bases of Croat light horse and one of 4 bases of bandellier reiters. Tom has two BGs of kurrassiers in his clutches as well. Nice work, what?

Croat Command (Tom)

Bandellier Reiter Command (Tom)

Bandellier Reiter BG (Tom)

Closeup of a stand of muskets (mine)

   All figures are Old Glory 15s. We took advantage of the army deals, and I got a few extras.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Boy Paints!


   My 12-year-old son came with me to my local gaming club on Saturday, and helped play some Field of Glory Ancients. A day spent gaming got him interested in it again, and on the way home he asked if I was "ever going to finish those Empire guys." Last year, I started painting some Games Workshop Empire troops for Warhammer for my sons to play, you see.

   My response was: "Why don't you paint some of them. You can learn how to do it and then you won't have to wait on me to work my way back around to them."

   So when we got home, we flipped through the Empire Army Books, and discussed what paint jobs were harder or easier to do. Since I had already painted a unit of Talabheim halberdiers (red and white), we were looking at that. But, white can be kind of tough to do in large amounts. So, Dane opted to work on a unit of swordsmen from Talabecland, in yellow and red.

   We then went through the paints, and picked a few key colors from my Vallejo paints: basic skintone, oiled steel, red leather, brass, ivory, scarlet and deep yellow. The minis were purchased from eBay, and already primed black. I really should have gone back and re-primed in white, but Dane was in a hurry. Maybe he'll learn a bit of patience as a result.

   Dane chose a simple pattern of yellow hose and red tunics. The shields are also scarlet, and will have a gold cross with a central skull boss. He did a creditable job on the 8 minis, but towards the end you could tell he was getting tired of painting, and he got sloppier. Also, he had some trouble with the skintone paint. I have been working on "touchup," and will be doing the banner and champion myself.

Not quite finished, but a good effort for the boy!