Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Pledge, 2021

   Each year I set some sort of painting goal, which I refer to as The Pledge. Most years, it has been simply to paint more than I buy. Last year, I didn't track it, because, well... COVID. I both bought and painted a lot, but I didn't track it.

   But, new year, new Pledge. I know we are almost 1/6 of the way through the year as I type this, but hey, better late than never, right?

   So, the 2021 Pledge is to paint at least one figure per day. That's right, I am going to try to paint at least 365 miniatures (or their equivalent) this year. What do I mean by "equivalent?" Well, this is what counts as a "miniature" for the purpose of my Pledge: any single gaming piece.

   For example, a 28mm miniature is a single gaming piece. A 15mm vehicle is a single gaming piece. Usually, a 15mm single figure is not a gaming piece on its own - they are most often used in "stands" or "bases." So a stand of 15mm infantry counts as a gaming piece, or a gun and its crew. Same thing for 6mm miniatures, unless they are vehicles or something special like a big monster or something.

   At any rate, that's what I am going to track this year. I have been pretty busy these first six or seven weeks, so I need to count up what I have painted and get it posted. I will try to get some photos up soon as well.

   All that said, I have to go teach an online class right now, so ta!

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myincubliss said...

I normally challenge myself to keep the Tally (my equivalent of the Pledge) in the positive and average a figure a week, which I still often fail, somshooting for 365 is seriously impressive stuff!