Sunday, December 7, 2008

2 More Deathrays Done, Plus Other Items [OOC]

Friends and Followers,

I have finished two more rays, the standard bearer and one of the carbine-armed riders. Here's a couple of pictures (sorry about the background - its my official paint desk):

Also, I received many small bits of lead from overseas this week! Yay! The folks at Black Cat bases were kind enough to pick up a couple of miniatures for me from Donnington Miniatures at Warfare in Reading (that's in the UK, for all us Yanks), and shipped them to me. One I won't be able to use for this project, but the others shall probably work. What are they, you ask? Priests! I now have a trio of priests (one mounted!) to provide spiritual comfort and guidance to the Papal forces on Mars.

I also got in a batch of Papal infantry and Zouaves from Freikorps, direct. I had to go to them, because it was faster than ordering from Little Wars, even though Little Wars (the US distributor for Freikorps) is just across town from me! Haven't started on them yet, but look forward to getting after it soon.

I did start painting the French Foot artillery I bought for the pontifical forces. I'll only have one gun crew and a breechloading field gun, plus a wrecked gun objective I am planning. But that's plenty, I think. I can see a race to retrieve the gun or destroy it before the natives can get their hands on a modern European field piece.

Also, I made a little progress on the rivers, which I will post about tomorrow on the gaming terrain blog.

That's all for tonight/this morning. Got to go get some sleep so I can make 8:00 Mass!


Eli Arndt said...

I went and looked at the Friekorps stuff at the LKM site. The pics there bite. Are these figs any good in the flesh?

I like the smaller quantities on their stuff, even if I have to order them from England.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Or did you mean the Donnington minis? I am so confused...

J Womack, Esq. said...

They're not bad.

If you have seen my 'Texicans', that's their SpanAm War infantry.

The papal infantry pics I have posted are their papal zouave command pack, I think.

So yeah, I like them. But you can see a few painted for yourself here.

Once I get the French artillery paintd for the papal artillery, I'll put up shots of that too.

Eli Arndt said...

Nope, the Freikorps.

Thanks for the info.