Monday, December 29, 2008

Similar Paths and Possible Futures

28 December …

Today the RTS Santa Fe and Hammerhead departed for Earth and I felt safer knowing that the Santa Fe will have a fighting chance against the Huns. The Santa Fe has a special package on board: some of the more portable discoveries from the temple and a copy of all their scientific notes. Drs. Caruthers and Palmer were adamant about the tablets getting back to Houston safely, as a discovery such as this is an achievement many never find in their careers. I suppose they want to ensure their place in history.

The motor whaleboat dirigible is complete and will be tested tomorrow; Seaman Johansson is more than ready as he is assigned to Corporal Jones squad so he beds with them and also works at the saw mill. I have been told he is a good worker and does not talk much. I have seen for myself that he has the physique of an English Bulldog, standing five feet six inches but with huge hands and no neck.

Father Flannigan ventured out to the temple today after the sermon and lunch with most of the officers. Lady V and I have taken it easy today as RSM Taggart and I sat around smoking pipe tobacco and played a few games of chess. We talked about my boy Ian today, and his appointment to Gannon Military College. It seems as though Ian will not be alone as Taggart’s boy, William, was accepted into Gannon as well. The Naval Academy did not accept his boy either as he was only awarded the Star, not the Cross. I hope they will both get along well and will become friends as their fathers have.

Well, it is off to bed and must write my wife another letter before I rest this Sunday evening.
[Editor's Note: "The Star" is the Houston Star, a medal awarded for valor above and beyond the call of duty. Think of it as equivalent to a Silver Star in modern American terms. "The Cross" is the Lone Star Cross, the highest military decoration awarded by the Republic, analagous to the Victoria Cross of Britain. It is usually awarded posthumously. The sons of a recipient are automatically accepted into either the Military or Naval Academy if they apply. This does not mean automatic graduation, however, and many are dismissed for failure to meet the rigorous standards of the Republic's military academies.]

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