Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spar Torpedoes in the Sky

Martian Flying Cavalry Carries Torpedoes

"They're mad, I tell you. Completely barmy. I'll have to get the Royal Artillery Research and Development nobbins on this immediately!"

That was the response of General Sir Michael Stackpole, KB, when informed by this journal that it appears the Galforrian Deathray Cavalry were practicing with what amounts to small spar torpedoes in their hands. One of our clandestine correspondents in the Galforrian Empire was able to watch the flying cavalry at training, and described it thusly:

"They had these long, long poles, very thin, sort of like a regular lance. But no point on it. Instead, there was this... I dunno what to call it. Some sort of explosive device. Anyway, they flew under a few barrels full of water, suspended high up, you see, and tried to hit the barrel - swinging in the wind it was, so not too easy to hit. But when it did hit! By the Hammer of Grabthor! The barrel exploded as soon as the tip of that lance struck it solidly." (Translated from Galforric)

I certainly hope our scientists can swiftly come up with a counter stroke to these fiendish devices. I fear that the fragile peace on Mars shall soon be a memory, if the militaristic machinations of the Galforrians and their Germanic friends continue thusly.

[Editor's Note: I am heavily leaning towards this option. I have some small egg shaped beads I am thinking of putting at the tips of the lances to represent a shaped charge explosive of some kind. Possibly a tiny fragment of handwavium or something. That leaves me with two carbine-armed riders, who become the personal guard of the Prince. I only need one more pack of lancers to complete the unit if I go that route. I'll have a unit of ten lancers, with musician and commander, plus a half unit of five, with the Prince, his standard, two guards and a tambour drummer. Should be plenty, yeah?]


Eli Arndt said...

Of course you'll have to make a small unit of Colonial cavalry on alien mounts out of the leftover mounts, right? I mean, it would be improper to just leave the mounts be.


J Womack, Esq. said...

Problem is, I don't really dig their mounts. So if anyone wants a batch of multi-legged 15mm (approx) alien mounts, we could work out a trade!

Maybe I need to post that to TMP...

Eli Arndt said...

Are you more of a fan of the two-legged bird-lizards? I have always been fond of those, myself.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I like them, yes. I have a couple of ideas for ground cavalry, too. One is mammoths. Another is giant birds.

In 25/28mm, I will probably (eventually) get some gashants from RAFM Space 1889

Eli Arndt said...

Mammoths? On mars? Might I suggests something mammoth-like but not exactly a mammoth. I remember Reaper having a particularly burley beast in its Warlord line that might foot that bill.