Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Rugby

14 December …

Ahh... another Sunday to relax and enjoy the rainforest weather as today RSM Taggart and I rode Pachysaurs out and about and we managed to stay out of trouble as we were only gone a few hours. Father Flannigan had another wonderful service and the men played rugby. Mr. Griggs and Captain Higgins both played and managed to each gain a black eye as the playing surface turned into mud. Lieutenant Armstrong and Herbalist Dempsey will have their hands full in the morning with muscle strains and loose teeth.

The two trebuchets were started yesterday, as all of the main pieces have been built. The only thing left is to assemble the pieces and to also build a rock bed to roll on and ammo. The later will be the easiest as we will be throwing stones. Spot, our Triceratops, can drag the large boulders from the quarry site for our ammunition.
Enough. Tomorrow will be very busy, trying to finally assemble the main upright frame for the trebuchets.

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