Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Wet Thanksgiving

27 November …

The RTS Santa Fe was unable to depart today as the heavy rain developed into lightning storms. Chief O’Malley and I looked at our fortifications and later ventured out to the blue ruins. The Chief suggested a tall lookout tower by the landing site, I think it is a good idea and will bring it up to the officers during the Monday Operations Meeting.

The officer entourage left out quickly this morning with a small escort element for security. I went along as well, curious to see if the lightning had affected the blue stone this time. By the time we got to the site, the whole place was electrified and beams of blue light seemed to burn brighter this time than the last. The static electricity produced by the lightning was very powerful as well. The officers stayed under the observation tent as the granite continually absorbed the lightning. I think this was a wise decision. There was enough galvanic current out there to fry a Triceratops, not to mention one of us frail humans!

I had almost forgotten about Thanksgiving dinner. Our head cook, Sergeant Thibodaux, prepared more Grillag, fish and potatoes. We finished the evening off with a pint of ale at the NCO Mess. Happy Thanksgiving.

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J Womack, Esq. said...

Excellent! More Venusian Tales!