Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wind Power

04 December …

Today was another important first for Fort Humid, as Corporal Mendoza and his crew connected the newly-finished windmill to the water well pump. They also finished the construction of a water storage tank, providing us with stored water sufficient for a week. Corporal Ferguson's crew completed the timber construction of the ammo bunker and the black legs are going to provide the dumb labor for shoveling the three feet of soil required on all sides of the timber. The ammo bunker is sunk in the ground to a depth of four feet and continues for eight feet above ground. Tomorrow, Ferguson's crew will start on three bunkers to hide from any potential aerial bombardment as we have received word today of reports of the dirty Huns attacking land positions from their ether and lighter than air vessels.

The scientists have not discovered a potential entrance to the temple as their digging crews have sunk a four foot deep trench all the way around the stone slab and it seems to still be solid. One crew did find pottery and a stone tablet, all with the same writing as was found on the stone slab. The pottery is not unlike that of the ancient Greeks and Romans of our Earth. The tablet shows a pictograph of a great battle between plant-looking people and birdmen. I wonder if it is just a story book as I cannot imagine a race of vegetable people. What would they live on? Would they wither without water (not that I can imagine that becoming a problem here on Venus)? The questions are endless. When the RTS Santa Fe returns at the end of this month they will send back a few discoveries and copies of the text back to Houston.

I am planning on taking the motor boat out into the water if the weather permits this Sunday as some fishing would be relaxing. Lady Venus is growing steadily and is now about three months old. She is very playful and follows me around until she gets bored and goes to visit our cooks, who always give her scraps. She shows up again and waits for me on the porch after she gets bored with her rounds.

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